Nordstorm Anni. on Saturday

  1. Do you guys think that it will be too late to go to the Anniversary sale on Saturday? I see that many people here are going and graping things on Friday. But it's a weekday and I really don't want to go shopping after work.

    I am just afraid that all the good things will be sold on Friday and nothing much left for Saturday.
  2. I'd go on Friday. Between the pre-sales and people getting there as soon as they open, I bet most of the good stuff will be gone by Saturday.
  3. what's does the sale include? Chloe was 60% before, dont tell me they are marking down even more?
  4. They ope at 7 AM on Fri if it's near your work...(just make sure you check your own store to verify).
  5. Definitely check with your local store as to their hours. I know the stores in CA are open from 7 to 10 on Friday. You can always check out stuff online if you don't feel like shopping on Friday in store.

    The sale runs for two weeks. So that gives you time to browse and you can always ask a SA to hunt down an item for you if they don't have your size.

    I think waiting to Saturday isn't the end of the world!
  6. I know that all of the good things usually sell out by 1:00 on FRIDAY. By Saturday most everything will be gone.

    I'm personally going to get to my Nordstrom by like 6 am? Pretty much just to grab all the goodies that they add. Like the designer sunnies they arent allowed to presale :smile:
  7. Usually the Nordie Aniversary sales are 33% off regular price. Is it the same this time?? or more? TIA.
  8. i think the best deals during the anniversary sale would be the designer sunglasses. what do you all think? agree?
  9. I know I ordered a pair of Guccis for $109 that retail for $290. Now, I could find them elsewhere online for like $155, but, still, big markdown off the ticket price.
  10. Does anyone know which sunglasses are included in the sale?
  11. what designer sunnies will be on sale?