Nordstoms Anniversary sale & Chloe bags

  1. Does anyone have any idea when the Nordstoms sale is? I thought July, but not sure if at beginning or end. Also are Chloe bags included in the sale? I really want an Edith dbl pocket in a darker brn and would like a deal at the same time.:drool:

  2. they are 60% off right now anyways!
  3. I went yesterday to my Nordstroms and nothing! I guess I meant do they put the new bags on sale w/ that sale?
  4. no clue but you can an SA do a search for across the country. They found me the double pocket edith in the whiskey colour. I spoke to Toni at Nordies Mall of America
  5. I heard an SA talking about the anniversary sale and said they were having a few bags from LAMB included. Apparently they already have the showroom with items in the sale set up for special customers. I've never seen Chloe included but wouldn't that be awesome for the new fall bags!
  6. Thanks for the info girls. I did just call MOA and spoke w/ Pilar. I'm getting the dbl pocket Edith in whiskey, I can't wait!

    I love this forum!:yahoo:
  7. I think the Anniversary sale begins near the end of July.
  8. Nordy's Anniversary Sale is July 20. Usually designer bags like Chloe aren't included.

    The Anniversary sale is where they mark-down "new" fall merchandise for 2 weeks and then it returns to the "regular" full price after the sale. So it's a great way to get a jump on fall clothes, shoes, bags, makeup specials, etc.

    Last year some stores got "basic" MJ bags for the Anniversary sale. I haven't heard anything yet for this year as to designer bags. But they always have brands like Coach, L.A.M.B., Nordy's brand, Monsac, etc. on sale for Anniversary. So it's less "high-end" designer stuff on sale.