Nordies sale--looking for Paddy in Taupe

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  1. Hi ladies. The upcoming Nordies sale is great, 30% off. I just pre-ordered a Roche Paddy Satchel for $909 (or something close to that). Here's my problem. I know that Roche is a gray taupe color, but I really love the regular taupe. Also I have so many medium satchels I'm looking for something a little different, say a small bowler or small front pocket, last preference large front pocket style. I called 4 or 5 Nordies but ran out of steam. So if you ladies see one somewhere can you let me know which store. Thanks. And by the way Portland Nordies had a nice selection of Paddy Satchels (503) 224 6666 if you are searching for one for the sale
  2. I think I got my taupe bag during the Winter sale.
  3. Thanks, I don't even think they are doing taupe this year, I believe it was back in 2006. Just hoping maybe one will pop up somewhere.