Nordies Sacramento new arrivals

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  1. just thought i'd share this email

    B A L E N C I A G A

    Hello all! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I’m a little behind on communicating the new information on Balenciaga… I apologize. Yesterday I was in San Francisco where we were updated on all the Spring 08 trends. The runway this Spring is saturated with lots of vivid color. Perfect time to think about a bright Balenciaga handbag or accessories. The first two pictures are pieces which just arrived today. After the initial two are new colors we received in the past 3 weeks or so.

    Giant Money
    Electric Bleu

    The Day

    Please call me as soon as possible if you are interested in any of these as we are limited on the units.
    Sarah M. Hinkle
    Handbags Assistant Manager
    Nordstrom Arden Fair in Sacramento, California
    916.646.2400 ext 1250

  2. pictures aren't working for me :sad:
  3. anybody else having trouble viewing the pics?
  4. can't see them
  5. no pictures either. I think the email was pasted without having uploaded the pics that came with. I'm really curious to see that Magenta Day!
  6. I just spoke to Claudette at Norstrom Sacramento and she said they got in two magenta Day today and several EB wallets with SGH.

    She's not sure if the Days are reserved for those on the waitlist.
  7. Can't see the pics either. FYI I looked at the book at Nordies Walnut Creek - the manager there also told me about the trend meeting. They won't have them in the store in W. Creek, but she can get them from the stores that carry them - ask for Liz Erbez. It didn't look like they had ordered a very large selection of bags - only new colors I saw on the list were Magenta, EB and Thyme as I recall and only a few styles.
  8. In addition to the EB wallets, Nordstrom Sac also had RH Cities in sky blue and sahara. Loved the Sahara!
  9. they have a bubblegum pink SGH, sarah emailed me pics, i'll post them tonight.

    GSH money and RH magenta. the magenta looks nice but i wish they had a pink day.

    they have not yet received the sky blue or sahara. the sahara is really gorgeous.
  10. sorry guys!!!
    i did this before and i could've sworn the pics showed up! i have to figure out how to do it again........
  11. pics please