Nordies or Bloomies?

  1. Hey ladies, just wanted to hear your opinion of these two great stores.

    Which do you think has better customer service? Which one do you shop at more, and which has better selection of goods (bags, clothes, etc)? Do you guys have regular SAs there? And if you had the choice, which would you prefer to work at?

    Btw, does anyone know if Bloomies carry Gucci handbags?

  2. Um, tough decision. I think between those two, I would choose Nordstroms. Given, I prefer Neimans to all stores.
  3. We dont have a Bloomies in Seattle, but many Nordies - the one in Bellevue has a huge new Gucci section and the sales people are really sweet - I myself am a Nordies girl:smile:
  4. I think that Bloomie's has wayyyyyyy better product, but nordie's has the best best customer service I have ever experienced!
  5. Nordies! I am more relaxed shopping there.
  6. Nordies. That's my store. If I could buy everything from Nordies I would. I've said many times before that they need to buy me a cot because I'm there everyday. The third floor is my home. From fragrance, to shoes, to handbags, makeup, and sunnies.
  7. I love Nordies! They've got everything I need.
  8. Did you get offered a job at both these locations?! :yahoo: If so, I would clone yourself now so you can get two times the discount!

    Between the two I choose Nordstroms. There's only one bloomie's near me (but another one is opening up real soon!!) and like 4 Nordies so I definitely shop at Nordies more than I do Bloomingdales. Also the customer service at Bloomingdales isn't that great.
  9. I love bloomie's! It's my favorite place to shop, as I never leave there disappointed. I'm lucky, the sales associates are really friendly, and will go out of their way to find you exactly what you want.
  10. Hand's down--Nordy's. I'm curious to see if this is a regional split... I think Nordy's is more popular and more prevalent on the west coast, whereas Bloomie's is bigger back east.
  11. Nordies!! Super friendly staff!!

    I went to Bloomies and was looking at some jeans and noticed they were damaged, I asked if those were discounted or if they have another pair that was undamaged and they were super snotty to me!!
  12. Since our small town is not graced by the prescence of any of those stores, I don't get to visit them unless I'm travelling. But so far, I prefer Nordies to Bloomies and Saks. I just feel more comfortable there, and like I'm receiving better assistence. Btu I like Niemans too.
  13. I am a "Nordies" girl. I actually work there. And it's the best company to work for they are really good to their employee's. I've been with them for 3yrs.
  14. love love love the customer service and people at nordstrom's. but for selection, i do like bloomies. i'd rather work at nordstrom's though.
  15. Nordstoms all the way! Great customer service, always someone willing to help. I always like the piano player too....