Nordies has a light celery green small Betty in calfskin, over 1/2 off!!

  1. I saw a beautiful light celery green small sized Betty bag on the sale table at Nordstrom Walnut Creek, California. It was TDF soft and buttery and was originally $1975 marked down to $645....I believe. I would have snapped it up, but I just have nothing to match it!
  2. Great deal, I own my share of Betty's, so this will have to find another lucky tpf home.
  3. What kind of Betty? A shopper? A chain handle? Large totel? Patent??????

    Do I need to be asking these questions???
  4. someone PLEASE call and report back.....I don't wanna be tempted when I call!
  5. ^Called! It's gone^

    Arrgh dealing with stumbling SA's is beyond frustrating.

    Here's what's left:

    Large patent dome Satchel (big lock) in Midnight (this Susan describes it as blue/green) on sale for 1283 dollars (regular 2200 dollars).

    On hold till the end of the day. A regular patent Paddington also in Midnight for 1079 (reg. 1800 dollars).

    I spoke with an SA named Susan.
  6. Thanks for calling susie.....and thank God its gone!

    I think those midnight bags are the teal colour I liked!

  7. Yes and thank God it's the luggage size dome capsule and a regular Paddy. Both are out!! Whew!!:yes: