Nordies Half Yearly Sale!

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  1. Hey Ladies! The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale for women is up and running. No need for a link, just go to and it will show the sale link. Lots of great denim and shoe markdowns!
  2. I just wanted to add that there are no sunglasses on sale online but when I talked to a SA last week he said a lot of sunglasses would be on sale. He pointed out that there would be A LOT of Fendi on sale. Oh, and this is the Towson, MD Nordstrom.
  3. I just got back from sale at Short Hills NJ. Yes some sunglasses were on sale--Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Juicy, Valentino. I got a pair of Fendi's that were originally $295 marked down to $99.

    Bags were not looking too great but Saks had some nice ones on sale.(Kooba, Miu Miu, Longchamp)

    Good Luck ladies!

    Good luck ladies!
  4. thanks for the heads up!
  5. Just came back from Nordstrom at Pentagon City in Arlington, VA. Lots of bags on sale. Good deals! Items they said that were not going to be put on sale before were actually marked down now!!! Not many people shopping though-- I've been going every year and it was a mad house every time. Except this year. I wonder why...
  6. ^ Yea I went to the Nordstrom in Bethesda, MD after work today...def not as crowded as I expected. Weird. Picked up some Bernardo sandals and some workout clothes though :smile:
  7. I went today, bright and early. I didn't see any sunglasses that I cared for at all. They did have Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Dior and such on sale, but none of the COVETED styles. Seemed like the not-so-popular styles were marked down to $99.90. If I don't like a pair of glasses even $99.90 won't make me wear it, been there, done that. I bought a pair of glasses last year at NM at an introductory of $100 and I've yet to wear them even once. There is an adage for this, but I can't remember it, oh well. Anyway, I did purchase a few pairs of shoes, some jewelry, and a few gifts for some special people. Unfortunately, the gifts were not on sale.
  8. I went to the Towson, MD Nordstrom yesterday around dinner time and I wasn't impressed with the sunglasses, a lot of Fendi but nothing I loved. There were a LOT of bags on sale though, two huge tables dedicated almost entirely to Chloe, Celine, and Marc Jacobs. There were a lot of red and green paddingtons as well as some other styles I don't know the name of. Loved a large Chloe shoulder hobo but it was still a little out of my price range.
  9. Wow Chloe and Celine at Nordies? Mine doesn't carry them.

    hope you guys scored some good stuff!
  10. Same here in Tampa :confused1: ...

    I went this afternoon and there were less crowd than I anticipated. Tons of JC handbags onsale and I saw few sunglasses laying on the "sale" table. I was shocked to find the amount of shoes that were on clearance - quantity took over quality, so I just didn't bother to look.
  11. Went to the Nordstrom in Tyson's Corner VA. They had a ton of sale bags ... tables of Chloe, Lanvin, etc. Most were marked down quite a bit. They had metallic Betty, the deep red patent Betty and several Edith bags. They also had several of the newer Chloe styles on sale. I believe it's the Bay bag. They had the larger ones and a smaller one in a deep blue that I hadn't seen before. It was gorgeous! Don't know the names of the Lanvin bags, but they had the large tote with the circle handles and a beautiful large clutch bag with chain handle. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area.
  12. i went to the one in Chicago and it was CRAZY, they have MJ bags, Valentino bag, and tons of High end Shoes, prada, gucci..etc.....
  13. I was there too!!!! I got a pair of Dior's for 120!!!
  14. i went there too, insanely busy! lots of shoes on sales, a pair of choos on sale for $450 but i can't justify paying that much for a pair of shoes:crybaby: