Nordie's Half Year Sale

  1. I just went to our local Nordstrom, and bought a large Botkier Bianca for less than half
    of full price!!! I always just miss out on great deals. I've been looking at online retailers, and just couldn't find a better deal even with discount codes. My dh gave me a limit for my anniversary gift, and for once I was under. I'm very excited!
  2. Congrats! Post pics please, I've been thinking about getting one, can't wait to see pics! Is it the large size?
  3. WOW! Congrats! Our store didn't have any of the Sashas on the sale table. They were all still full price. What color did you get? I wonder if it's an older color, maybe from last season that they found in the back (or maybe a store return?) Unless, for some reason not all the stores marked down the same bags.

    You're going to love that bag. I have one myself, and its one of my favorites. I love its versatility and its so lightweight. And that leather - UGH! TDF!! Congratulations again!!
  4. I bought the bronze color. Don't know how old it is, but looks great. I'm AR, and couldn't find anything wrong with it. The only thing I am a bit leery of is since it is lightweight will it wear well with use. I use a purse over and over again. Maybe a month straight before I change it out. By the way, I live in San Antonio, TX so if anyone wants to check out the purses do so soon. I only saw one chocolate brown Botkier (Bryant satchel) left on the sale table.
  5. I was in the Natick, MA Nordies yesterday and came home with a black Bryant satchel for nearly 1/2 off too. They still had a brown one when I left. Otherwise, the sale table was pretty much picked over.
  6. Just came back from Nordies Montgomery Mall and got a pair of Billy- berkley's
    reg price 196..-- I got them for 49.00 plus tax...
    sku- 83682 37021, style- WB72076E4....
    THats better than getting them at Nords Rack... at 100-150...
    and they fit perfectly- great cut and rinse..
    Mont Mall did not have any of these left- sure you could find them at another store..