Nordie's exclusive: 7FAM Dojo in Mercer wash

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  1. Hola everyone,
    I am a bigtime Dojo lover and I have several washes, but I noticed that the Mercer wash from Nordstrom fits slightly tighter than the others I have and I was wondering if any of you had that issue? How much will they stretch to your body compared to the others? Just curious if I need to go on a little diet cause they are TDF and so sleek and I want to wear them all the time :shame:
  2. I kind of noticed that too. Mine are capris that I got from Macy's, (I forget which wash) and they're slightly tighter than my other ones.
  3. The sizing of 7FAM jeans just seems to vary a LOT based on wash... I have some pairs that are crazy tight and other pairs fall off my butt and they're all the same size :confused1:

    I have a Mercer skirt and it seems pretty true to size for me...
  4. Yeah I was beginning to think I got super fat all of a sudden? LOL!!!
  5. No, I don't think it's because you gained wait :biggrin: The sizes tend to vary by wash, although my Mercer wash jeans are true to size. It's different for everyone though!
  6. ^ Do they stretch the same as other washes or do they stay pretty rigid, even though they have lycra?
  7. 7FAM sizing is all over the place!