NORDIES chicago YSL Rive Gauche Bag $709, oversized muse $8xx

  1. I just back from Nordies at chicago michigan avenue,
    they have the Rive Gauche Bag in Tan color, original price $1795, now $709. the leather is so soft and gorgous.

    I also saw an oversized muse for $895 (i remember is $8xx, max is $895) in Olive color (dark green)
  2. :nuts: Such a deal on both! I wish the Rive Gauche was in black and I would grab it! Thanks for the heads up!!
  3. Oh I wanted the rive gauche bag!! Do you have a number for the handbag dept at Nordies? thank you!
  4. sorry, i dont have the dept's number, but this is the main number (312) 464-1515, good luck!
  5. good luck!
  6. I called they did not have the Muse left. they did a check and no Nordstrom has any of the onsale muse right now so none have been returned or they sold out fast.. oh well.. guess that means saving up for one in the fall