Nordies Catalog April 2007; Chloe bag on pg 6a

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  1. Ok gals, have any of you received the April 2007 Nordies catalog with the Chloe satchel on pg 6a??

    You all know how disappointed I have been with the new Chloe lines-- this bag calls to me :wtf::heart:

    It is a gorgeous satchel with the classic Chloe handles, only the opening is a snap mechanism, like a clutch (I am so bad at this!!) and the Chloe logo looks like a little button (as in push a button, not sew a button).

    ADORABLE!!! :yahoo:

    $2895 :crybaby:
  2. is it the maggie? bag angel posted a bag that fits the description and price
  3. The Maggie. There are different versions, like single-clutch and double clutch.
  4. Yeah, but it's antelope. :amazed: I justify my other bags because the skins could be considered by-products. We eat beef and even lamb, but who eats antelope? It IS a pretty bag but I just couldn't enjoy carrying it.
  5. Question for ya:smile: Is the bronze paddy in the catalogue?

  6. ITA. :yes:

    We've come a long way from Stella, haven't we? :s
  7. DOH :push:
  8. Are you sure it's actually made out of antelope? I thought the colour was jsut called antelope, because bags in other colours don't have antelope in the description.
  9. ^ According to the Chloe website, it's made from antelope leather.

    Not all Maggies are, though. :biggrin:
  10. Are you sure? I still read it as being the colour. I'm just looking at the detailed information on the bag, theres that one that says:
    "maggie handbag with two clutches in antelope leather"

    but the others say:
    "large sized zipped maggie handbag in taupe leather"
    "small sized maggie handbag with one clutch in ecru leather"

    On all of them the leather looks exactly the same, just a different colour. I just don't get why one of them would be a different type of leather when the other two are referring to the colour?
  11. ^ Ah, you may well have a point there. :yes:

    Are antelopes that colour, do you think?

    I know they're a slightly reddish brown, but I'm not sure if they're that colour, are they?

    I know that they used to make Chamois leather out of split antelope skin (it's very soft) and the leather looked softer on the ones described as 'antelope leather', to me. :shrugs:

    What do you think?

    I hope you're right, BTW! :biggrin:
  12. Some exampes of the redder species of antelopes, for your perusal (LOL! :lol: ).

    I think the nearest is the Bongo (the last one), although, it's still not really the same, is it?

  13. Hahahaha good work! I still think its the colour... Chloe aren't always that accurate in naming their colour... i.e. with the Maggie, the ecru is a really light cream, almost white...whereas I remmeber someone else saying ecru is like whiskey in another bag? Maybe I'm confused...
  14. ^ HeHeHe! Thanks! :nuts:

    Very true. :yes:

    I think calling a colour after an animal is a mistake, though - it's too confusing! :push:
  15. Nice pictures Chloehandbags, especially the baby antelope