nordies anniversary sale

  1. does anyone know if the muse will be included in the anniversary sale?
  2. No Muses on the Anniversary Sale. The Anniversary sale bags are pretty much non-high-end designer bags--i.e. Coach, Monsac, Nordy's brand, Helen Welsh, etc. The only time high-end bags like YSL, BV, Celine, etc. go on sale are at the Half-Yearly which is a "clearance" sale.
  3. MJ is the only high end designer available for anniversary sale.
  4. yeah i figured, but thought it was worth asking. Thanks though!
  5. there are chloes on sale but not the highly desireable ones right now.
  6. Mulberry Bayswaters are also included in the sale.
  7. is this in december? or june/july? :smile:
  8. Nordy's has two Half Yearly sales--June and November.