Nordies Adding to Chloe Sale Items

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  1. I went back today since I didn't get a Chloe last week. They had 2 new additions to the sale counter (King of Prussia). I got the double pocket edith bowler in the whiskey (whatever the word is that starts with the letter E - bag is in the car - bad storms here). Used the Nordies points I got for the bags I purchased pre-sale - got $80 off the sale price. They also had a royal blue bag (maybe a bowler bag with a little padlock). If I see it elsewhere I will let you know.
  2. That's in my neck of the woods!! I may have to make the drive over there. But its storming over here too. Did they have a lot of good stuff worth the trip?
  3. They had out the same kinds of stuff that were out all along - Bettys, a Debbie, I think 1 Baby Paddy, maybe 15-18 bags. They had the Edith Double Pocket in another color but I didn't like it - maybe like a grayish.

    I use Marion as my SA but she was off today. Fallbacks are Judy or Sue. I like Marion because she is there in the AM when I tend to shop.
  4. which nordie is this?
  5. King of Prussia PA
  6. Was it Roche? Kind of a grayish brown? Or maybe Khaki, like this one:

    Because I'm looking for that bag in either Roche or Khaki, but I of course want to pay less than NAP is charging.
  7. May have been Roche.
  8. Hi. I just checked my bag. It is the whisky. I am in love!
  9. Do you have a picture of your Whiskey bag to share?
    I've never seen a baby paddy at KofP, ooh- that really gives me a reason to go!!!!
  10. They had one out on Tues (baby paddy).
  11. my god, baby paddy.. still or no? i need to call tomorrow... anyone knows how much???? :sad: i need one
  12. I think it's around $900
  13. $909 I think, in Jade.

    Will post my photo when I get a chance.

    PS the double pocket edith in whisky (there was 1 more out on Tues) is gone.
  14. Were there any small Betty totes?
  15. Today @ Nordies in Riverside California, there was a medium Paddington front pocket tote in Cream for $996!!! :wtf:

    A girl was in there trying to decide between it and a cream Isabella Fiore bag! I told her go with the damn Chloe but the stupid beyotch put it back in the sales pile!! :cursing: