Nordie Rack - Sunnies

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  1. I went to Nordstrom Rack in Sawgrass Mills and they had tons of Sunnies. All styles and shapes..

    They were all for $69.99 to 64.99 with the goregous cases..

    They also has several bags and Gucci Sunnies... for $79.99 to 74.99.
  2. Wow I wish I had one close by - mall of america is closest for me :sad:

    You are making me drool!
  3. the rack is the best and if you don't see the sunnies cases just ask at the register they have tons :O)
  4. MEE TOO :drool:
  5. I also get my Coach sunglasses from there. I tend to loose glasses so I really don't want to pay a lot for them.
  6. i was about to start whining about not having one close by (mall of georgia is so far from home that i might as well make a trip to the outlet instead)...

    instead of whining, i checked out the nordstrom's website and LO AND BEHOLD there is one coming intown!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    (have mercy on my wallet!)

    Nordstrom Rack Buckhead Station (#782)
    One Buckhead Loop NE, Suite 210
    Atlanta, GA 30326

    Coming Soon!
    Grand Opening April 22, 2010!
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    Haha!!!! You made me want to go check out nordstrom's website for a rack and YAY!!! Houston, TX is getting one also!!! I used to have to go visit my sister in San Antonio to get to shop at one! :yahoo: our wallets better watch out!!

    Oh yeah I forgot to add Houston, TX Nordstrom Rack Grand Opening is Feburary 25, 2010!!! WOOOHOOO!!
  8. We lost our location in Hurst, TX but then they opened up a new one in Southlake which is even closer to where I live.
  9. thanks Johnnie for the post - I agree help my wallet hahahaha
  10. Oooo I love love Nordstrom Rack too!! Great deal for the Sunnies!!
  11. I'm thinking of buying a pair of sunnies with my PCE... are they really worth the money? How long do they normally last? Do they scratch very easily? TIA!
  12. I love Coach sunnies. I'm still using a pair I paid full price for 3 years ago. I think it's time for a new pair. I didn't realize Nordstrom Rack had them. I'll have to check them out next time I'm in there.
  13. And don't forget to ask for the case--old school: egg-shape, khaki, classic brown Cs--at the register. :smile: I got my Nadias in black/gray sig from the Rack and they had the cases when you checked out. WAY better selection than at the outlet (it's interesting, too, that the Rack is 3 stores down from the Coach outlet at our mall)! Same prices 65-69. :smile:
  14. The Rack is the best place to find designer sunglasses under $100!