Nordic walking poles, does anyone use them

  1. OK, so I was reading that Nordic Walking poles increase the calories burned by 40%. What a wonderful idea!!

    Except, I haven't seen anyone around here using them (California) and I think I would feel foolish walking around the neighborhood with them.

    Does anyone use them, I'm trying to think of a secluded place where I could try them.
  2. a lot of people in finland use them (well that's where the whole thing began) but i still feel like i'd look too dumb :shame: especially in london!

    it is a very good form of exercise though! one thing you should consider is that there is a technique to it and if you do it wrong you could get some form of injury so you should find an instructor to show you how to do it properly first.
  3. Oh Ive seen a few people walking around London with them, I did think it was a bit odd - but I guess they were doing it to burn more calories.
  4. They're all the rage here in Germany, but I don't have a pair. Have always wanted to buy a pair and take a course to do it properly!