NorCal Tokidoki Fest 2007!!! aka... let's get together!

  1. Hey all you Bay Area Tokidoki fans... TokiliciousJenY and I were chatting about how fun it would be if we all got together and shared our love for TOkidoki... in person!! :yahoo:

    No date is set yet... I wanted to get a feel for how many folks are interested, and when you might be available...

    I am thinking either
    a) dinner in Walnut Creek mall area on a weekday (suggested dates: tu 9/11, th 9/20, tu 9/25)
    b) lunch in SF downtown/Union Square on a weekend (suggested dates: sat oct 6)

    Both locations are near Macy's/Nordies... so we can do some tokidoki browsing afterwards/beforehand... :graucho:

    Please feel free to reply here or PM me your interest/preferences... we can make the final date decision offline for privacy if folks want to keep things on the downlow... :cool:
  2. :yahoo: I'm in!!
  3. sounds interesting :] i vote for SF since theres more locations for toki although i'm not sure how my schedule's gonna work out...too much stuff goin on right now but keep me posted and hopefully i can make it! :biggrin:
  4. i bet we'll all see each other when simone visits SF LoL

    can't wait for that!

    i'm south bay so iono ^^ but it sounds like a cool idea
  5. ooohh that would be fun! I think the SF location is better than the one in Walnut Creek, plus it's halfway for most Bay Area folks. Keep me posted on the date!
  6. actually, dont you think 9/11 would be a good day because we're expecting trasporto to come out no later than 9/ maybe we can scope out the goods the day after ;] and lunch or dinner is fine w/ me, except i have an early morning flight to reno on the 12th so no hardcore partying for me xP
  7. When is Simone visiting and where ? How did you hear about it ?
  8. Oh I would be interested in coming too ! Please keep me posted . I'm in the South Bay as well .
  9. If I can get the day off I wanna come!
  10. Maybe we should do a weekend? Would that work best for everyone ? :confused1:

  11. Tokidoki Momma - word on the street is that Simone is doing a signing at SF Nordstrom in October. I think Sunday the 14th.

    So it sounds like SF would be a more central location for folks? Do we want to do SF on a weekend or a weekday? I suppose we can do 9/11 in SF to check out the trasporto, what do you all think? The only problem w/that day is there is a Giants home game that evening, so traffic will be bad. Not impossibly bad, but just heavier than usual...

    Or... we can do a weekend? My original plan was to do the GTG at the signing in October, but it might be too hectic and crazy... I dunnos...
  12. I think a-lot of the Bay Area Tokidoki Lovers plan to be at the signing ! (I'm planning on it at least !) Weekends are good for me since I live in the South Bay . I would not mind a get together at the signing . But if we don't pick that date I think it would be fun for all of us to wear something that says we belong to The Purse Forum . That way if anyone was not able to make it to the first together can still meet .
  13. Man, one of my friends is going back to school in SF at the end of the week...

    I'll be there with you guys - in spirit! *lol*
  14. It seems like most people just want to meet up at the signing so maybe that's what you guys should do :confused1: I personally think it would be way too hectic and I'm not planning on attending at all so that would count me out but that's just me. You guys should totally do that if it makes the most sense. :smile:
  15. correct me if i'm wrong but several sales associates from the sf Nordies confirmed that simone canceled his october signing at the downtown Nordies