NORCAL purseforum luncheon pics!!!!

  1. Here are the pics from todays San Francisco Luncheon at E&O trading
    company. The food was ooohhh so yummy and everyone was so sweet. I
    felt like I was having lunch with long lost friends and have never
    felt so comfortable with people I had just met. (thanks to the

    After lunch we headed to LV and NM. Everyone was so good, we didn't
    spend any money. :roflmfao:

    All I can say is that we are definitely doing this again in the summer.
    to everyone that attended please post pics, and tell everyone who you
    are, since there were so many of us, I can't remember all of our pf
    member names.
    Thank you to everyone that attended and I hope you liked your party
    favors. ;) And hope to see yall soon
    grouppic1.jpg grouppic2.jpg grouppic3.jpg grouppic4.jpg grouppic5.jpg pursespic1.jpg
  2. WOW, don't we all look lovely! THat is such a nice group shot of the bags. I loved meeting everyone today. I loved seeing everyones bags, you guys are all so sweet and fun to chat with. Hope to see yall soon. maybe next time we'll go to santana row and valley fair. :yes:
  3. It looks like you girlies had so much fun! I can't wait for our Midwest meet :o) Thanks for posting pics!
  4. Wow !! Ladies what a fine looking bunch !!! who is the cute baby ? It looks like you guys had a blast. I love the pic of every ones bags.

    Great Post !!!! :heart:
  5. OH! I wish I was there too! Sounds like you had fun-congrats on your meeting...I am supposed to be in San Fran on Wednesday...such bad timing on my part!! LOL!
  6. Thank you for posting those fabulous pics and making us all feel like a part of your wonderful day! It is so great to see how much fun you were having. I love the 2 Ediths posing side by side!
  7. Wow you guys all have beautiful bags!!!
  8. Looks like you all had fun! Very nice pics. I also like the handbag group shot. I wish I knew who everyone was. I can tell who Pursgalsf & KylieReese are from your avatars. Can everyone else post and identify yourselves? Thanks for sharing!
  9. I'm the one with the big gucci tote and thats my daughter Kyliereese:flowers:
  10. Hi there!
    I'm the one with the Bbag black city. :shame:

    I posted a couple of pics in the other thread, but basically they are the same ones you have. :amuse:

    I love the assortment of bags - I think we had a good representation for all the different types! I especially love the twins!! :lol:

    I had a great time! Thanks again everyone for a wonderful meeting!!
    I can't wait for the next one! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  11. thanks for the pics.. gosh, U guys have such wonderful bags.. now, I am jealous.. hehehe.. but glad to hear you guys had fun....
  12. Great pics! Looks like you all had a blast. Love the mixture of people and handbags.
  13. Wow, that looked like soo much fun ladies. I wish I could be there but I am on the other side of the U.S.
  14. It looks as if you guys had a great time!!! Lovely ladies and gorgeous bags:flowers: .
  15. I'm the one with the Luella Gisele. Here are a few of my pics from our lunch.:smile:

    Favor given out at the lunch