1. My hubby and daughter rented Eddie Murphy's "Norbit" last night. At first I refused to watch it. I think movies as such are way too silly and just dumb! After the first 10 minutes I heard my daughter and husband howling with laughter.
    I couldn't resist so I sat down and watched it with them.
    It was funny.
    Did anyone watch this yet?
    Hated it? Loved it? Neutral?
    Do my family and I just have a weird sense of humor?
  2. I haven't watched it but the commercials...............
    :wtf: That bikini ROFLMFAO!!
  3. I liked it then I again I didn't I just expected more. It has it funny moments and I was really mad I didn't see it in the theaters but now I am glad we rented it instead.
  4. My kids love that movie. Really funny.
  5. I saw it last week. I thought it was pretty funny.
  6. It was funnier that I expected. I thought it was a cute movie
  7. Me and my bf LOVED it! My favorite part is when she's in the car and she get's upset because she thinks her seat has been moved and her boobies are honking the horn! Oh man...sooo funny.
  8. It was quite funny. The Klumps is funnier though. My daughter loved Norbit. She was wetting herself at the cinema.
  9. Loved it... I actually know someone like raspusia.
  10. That's my favorite part of the entire movie too! Hilarious! :tup:
  11. Life guard-Excuse me, are you wearing bottoms
    Rasputia-OF COURSE IM WEARING BOTTOMS!!(lifts stomach pooch):lol:
  12. OMGosh. That was too funny. How about when she says a few minutes later? - You wanna she a B#%#h go down a slide? I'll show you how a B*$&h go down a slide! "How you doin?!"

  13. Lifeguard-Excuse me, maam?? There is a 300lb weight limit...

    Raspusia-I dont weigh no d@mn 300lbs!! I weigh 165!!:nogood:
  14. this movie was funny watched it on a flight from london I was lol so loud
  15. I think Eddie Murphy is obsessed with overweight people.