NOR-CAL purse forum meeting!

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  1. OH my gosh I'm so excited :nuts: Pursemama came up with this brilliant idea of having a monthly purse forum meeting :idea: I was so excited that I PM everyone I knew that lived in nor-cal. (Sorry if it was too late you guys, I'm on purse forum until 3 a.m.:shame:smile: I know I missed a few of you so If you would like to attend the meeting just let me know.
    Here are the members that are attending the meeting so far... Pursemama, kyliereese, mello yello jen, tod, myself, and Jane. We will pick a good time and date that we can all agree on. I'm thinking we can meet for lunch somewhere around Union Square and we can purse shop aftewards :biggrin: Don't feel compelled to buy anything but we can put our great minds together and purse talk.

    If you have any suggestions regarding, location or what not, feel free to post in this thread or PM me. I'm still waiting to hear from others and I'm hoping a lot of us here could finally meet :lol: So Excited :nuts: I can't wait to meet all of you!!!
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  2. Wow! I might like to come, Mello_Jen and I go to school together. I'm scared I'll be really shy! I'm pretty bubbly, though, but I'll be in awe seeing all you ladies in person!
  3. aww...i wish i could be a part of that :cry:
  4. Me too.. me too, I hope I'll still be invited though, even if it's only myself in spirit that will be in attendance ! ;)
  5. IntlSet, I can't wait to meet you! :nuts:

    I wish all you ladies could come! :sad:
  6. I want to go! I have family in California, but they're in Long Beach. It would be so cool to meet you guys :nuts: When it does happen, you must take tons of pictures and post them :biggrin:
  7. oh yeah, I'd so love to meet any of you, post pictures pls!
  8. I'm in NorCal too, but I would be so nervous meeting you ladies! :shame:
  9. What a great idea! Maybe some eastcoast girls would like to do this..............:P
  10. Oh my Gosh Christina,
    I am from Long Beach Ca. :amazed: I lived off of Woodruff and Wardlow. I went to Millkan High School for a year but graduated from Lakewood high. What part of L.B. is your family in?? I would love to get a So. Cal. forum group together for shopping, that would be so cool if you were ever in town to meet up!
  11. Ahhh, I'm in So Cal! :cry:
  12. Damn I wish I were closer!!! If I still lived in So-call I'd drive or fly over :sad:
  13. Oh, I am in L.A.; if anyone is down here and wants to shop, dont hesitate to call... :smile:
  14. Ok this is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! I know some other huge boards have conventions etc. I wonder if this site gets big enough, if we could all have a big convention sometime! Just think... bring bags you want to sell, check out other members bags, go shopping... My mind is just churning...
  15. OMGOMGOMGOMG.... we could be like crazy Trekkies, but Pursies...... and a lot better looking than the Trekkies.