1. After a year of debating, saving, more debating, YEARNING...I finally decided to get my Greige City from Aloha Rag....but, when I finally made the call today, they informed me they were SOLD OUT :crybaby: :crybaby:
    My heart literally ACHES right now...Why!!!?? :sad:
    Does anyone know where else I can try? I wanted to save as much $ as possible (AH has no tax/shipping)...I know BalNY might have it but I'm not too sure about their tax/shipping/return policy? :shrugs: Where else can I try?
    What to do....what to do.......:s :sos:
  2. Try Neiman Marcus in San Francisco or Barney's. Or search under "Stores that carry Balenciaga" and find a store that won't charge sales tax for your state. :smile:
  3. I don't think you will pay tax at BalNY but you can only exchange not return and it has to be within 10 days. I think next day shipping is $45 but if you wait a little longer I believe it is cheaper.
  4. ^^^luvshopping90 is right. You're going to lose out either way. You live in Cali so there is no way around paying taxes IF you buy it from NM or Barneys or Saks. It will be tax and shipping from them. You'll save a little money going to BalNY. You'll only have to pay shipping and you don't have to get the most expensive shipping (next day is 45).

    If you know what you want, get it from BalNY the return policy won't be a problem in that case. If you've never seen a bbag before, it may be worth the money to get it at Barneys or NM.
  5. Hmm I remember there being a thread to this...does anyone have the link? :confused1:
  6. Look at the top of Achtung, you'll see it there. And you'll find all the stores that carry Balenciaga, you can choose one that isn't in California so you can save on sales tax.
  7. If you do want the Griege City from Bal NY I would hurry up and order it NOW. I talked to Daphne on Saturday and they only had like 6 City bags left. I think this color has become a lot more popular with all the girls' posting their beautiful griege bags. Daphne also said she didn't think they would get anymore after these last 6 are gone. Good Luck!!
  8. Oh brother......:wtf:
  9. I bought my Blueberry City from Bal NY and there was no tax and only $15 ship to Chicago and only took like 3 days I think :smile:
  10. Andreax716, call Neiman Marcus in Newport Beach. They can find you one even though they dont carry them at that location. They found one for me and I had it shipped and it was in my hands 3 days later. You'd think living in the OC like we do we would have a buttload of places to buy BBags...but nooooo.
  11. If I remember correctly, Barneys Chestnut Hill had a greige city recently. And Barneys has a generous return policy.
  12. I got a Rouge vif City in a week at Barneys Beverly Hills, when I was told it could take two or 3 weeks because of a waiting list. Melissa there was sooo sweet and she got just what I asked for: soft smooth leather, not stiff or veiny,and no blemishes. Here on the pf they have all the numbers and or web addresses to all the bal sellers including one in Newport Beach. All of us girls in the OC need to petition Balenciaga to get a store in South Coast or even closer for me Mission Viejo Mall, but South Coast is fine too!!! I could save a lot of money for more bags, if I didn't have to go to NYC for my annual shopping trip!!!!

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your disappointment--I hope you can find your "precious" soon!!!
  14. I really hope you find it.

    Good luck! Keep us posted.
  15. Do they charge tax to CA residents?:shrugs: