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  1. I leave the house for 45 min and guess what was hanging on my door upon my return??
    The delivery slip for my pre loved beauty!!! Arfgggg!!!!

    I was NOT expecting it to arrive so soon! I just ordered it last Thursday and it's travelling all the way from California to Toronto. Now that was quick!!!
    It will be available for pick up tomorrow after 1:00 at my local postal depot. I can't believe it, the only time I leave the house it arrives!!!

    I must say that I am very impressed with the extremely quick shipping as I was not expecting it until at least Wednesday. :smile:
  2. Lol! Didn't we just talk about thisss? We made a pact that this is life or death and we are not to leave the house until we get it!! :lecture:
  3. Lol you can try calling your local post if five by 7-8 and see its arrived there. That's what I usually do when I miss a delivery
  4. OH man sucks :tdown:
  5. Lol!!! I know, crazy huh? Ugh... I'm so bummed!
  6. Great idea!! :smile:
  7. I know the feeling. So sorry you missed the delivery.
  8. Hate this! At least you'll be able to open it tomorrow! :smile:
  9. I just called and it's waiting for me now!! I don't have to wait until tomorrow after all!!! Yay! :smile:

    Reveal coming soon.... :smile:
  10. Yay!! Cant wait!!
  11. yay lets see
  12. Lets.see!!! ;)
  13. I know how you feel. At this moment you wish that you had never stepped out of the house. Another waiting game :sad:
  14. That is so sad! It happened to me with my red speedy!