1. I was just outbit by one friggen dollar on a mint apple green twiggy!!!!!!!! I was just increasing my max bid by $25 and the auction ended just before hitting the confirm button. I am sooooooo sad right now.

    Thanks for letting me vent:sad:
  2. special k
    i was watching that one. it was gorge. sorry to hear that!!
  3. I totally know how you feel! SO SORRY! I just hate when that happens! You just have to think there has to be a reason for it.
  4. It sucks cause your adrenaline is up and your like OMG, im gonna win, im gonna win....then I increased my max bid like 3 times just in case too and I think Im ok....all is good, gonna win this baby then someone comes and snatches it away at the last second!

    I was never good at gambling.
  5. oh nooooooo i know how u eflt right now :sad:
    so sorry to hear that, but hopefully a bteer bag will comes tou you :yes:
  6. Ohhh noooooo :wtf: .... so sorry to hear this :sad: poor SpecialK :crybaby: !! I totally know how you feel .... but there will be another one out there just waiting for YOU, I'll keep my fingers crossed ;) :yes: - good luck !
  7. oohhh don't feel bad that has happened to me too...hugssss
  8. Here is a thought that may make you feel better: you really don't know what the other bidders highest bid was. For all you know, they could have entered a $2k max bid. So try not to think of it as losing by just $1... I have used this technique in the past when I have been outbid on something and found it helps me. There is another bag out there for you. :heart:
  9. Hmm...thats not a bad way of thinking about it. Sucks still that I lost but a good way to turn it around.

    Now all I have to do is wait for another mint apple green twiggy to pop up on eBay and all is good!
  10. Oh....and congrats to whoever got a great deal imo. And if you decide its not your colour/style....:whistle: :angel: :whistle:
  11. I rarely bid on eBay auctions because I hate getting my hopes up on a bag and then losing. I feel your pain.
  12. sorry sweetie. another one will come around soon.
  13. oh that stinks! yeah, that's the reason i LOVE BIN's. Once I decide I want something, I want it, and waiting til the end bout gives me a heart attack! Something else will come up soon!
  14. aww that's happend to me before - not with a bbag but with other things and it's so frustrated :sad:

    but no worries, something else you love will come along soon!! :jammin:
  15. Aww... don't worry, another one might pop up in the future. :yes:

    Or maybe it's just telling you to check out next season's new colors?! :graucho: