Nooooooooo! My first ebay nightmare--halp!

  1. :crybaby:I always check a sellers' feedback out before deciding to bid on any of their things, and this one seller had feedback saying her items were authentic and no negative feedback saying she sold fakes. HOWEVER, not long after I won the item last night, I noticed that the seller had POSITIVE feedback that said she sold fake items, and one WITHDRAWN feedback comment that said the same. Then this morning she got negative feedback for selling fakes. I feel so awful. Why would anyone not leave negative feedback for a fake, and why oh why couldn't that one negative comment have been left just a day earlier?! :shrugs: Now I just have to wait for the "guaranteed authentic" item, only to have to ship it back. (The seller does have a "no refund" policy, but if she guarantees the item to be authentic and it isn't she has to pay me back, right? Riiight...? Will I be able to get her to cover the shipping costs? How do I go about all of that?) Oh man...this is just horrid. I was so excited about winning, and then--poof! Despair.
  2. I'd advise not shipping it back before you open up a paypal dispute (assuming you paid via paypal). Sometimes paypal asks for the item as evidence or requires you to get it authenticated first. If they decide in your favor you will get your shipping costs back for having it shipped to you. You may not have to send it back to the seller. PP will tell you. Good luck!
  3. Sometimes people do not leave negative feedback because they are afraid of negative retalitory feedback. It sucks, I know... but hopefully you will get your money back via PayPal. I would open a dipute as soon as you receive it, or, if you can, contact the seller now and tell her / him that you want to cancel the sale because you have authenticity concerns. Maybe they will just refund you.
  4. Yeah, that's the bad thing about e-bay. If you neg someone, you know they are gonna neg you back and most sellers will not leave feedback until after the buyer does...which you can't really blame them for.
  5. That's the horrible part of the way eBay's feedback system works. You really truely in many many cases cannot get an honest overview because of the retalitory feedback thing. The buyer did nothing other than bid on something listed as authentic and gets a fake after paying via means the seller accepts.. yes they cannot leave feedback in so many cases due to being hit w/ that retalitory feedback. Document the entire thing as you go. She has NO choice but to accept a return if you file the claim and win. Also, you more than likely will have to have it authenticated via an outside source. Not sure what type of bag it is. I have been hit w/ both LV's and Burberry fakes. In the case of Burberry, I had to send the purse to Burberry themselves after sending pictures to a Burberry rep that eBay sent me to. Then I got my refund. In the case of the LV's, I had to pay CarolDiva to do it.
  6. :shame: It actually isn't a bag, it's a Juicy Couture track jacket. I didn't want to say that outright because I know some people get really passionate about hating on them, lol.. I'm thinking I can take it to a department store, get an S.A. to see how different it is from the real thing and side with me...?
  7. Thanks, I was thinking about doing that but I'm worried it might just kind of enrage her and cause her to leave me awful feedback for wasting her time and listing fee money...I'd feel better if I had actual evidence. Then again maybe she would prefer to just cancel it rather than go through all the dispute "paperwork"... Third opinion, anyone?
  8. assuming that she did send you a fake (since she has positives for some items, maybe she mixes auth with fakes, so you might not get a fake), it depends on how I "feel" about the seller and maybe the amount I'd paid. Sometimes I'll just email the seller and the honorable ones (or maybe just so that they can maintain their 100% positive feedback?) will readily agree to a refund. But if it's a nasty seller or an expensive item, then I'll file a Paypal claim. Shipping fees to be negotiated. Alternatively, if you haven't paid, maybe you can offer to pay their listing fee, that way you keep the seller happy and can avoid a negative which you don't deserve at all. Good luck!
  9. Write to her now, and tell her you have seen the bad feedback , which has caused real concern, and that you will take the item to get verified, also tell her you are contacting the vero rep on e bay or juicy coutoure direct to ask if you can send the item to them.

    Put the fear of god up her.

    I hate fakers
  10. ^That's a good one, since you don't really know what you will receive, a fake or not.
  11. Did you pay this seller already?

    If not, perhaps email all these concerns, and this seller might be willing to delete the transaction, as she might be afraid of another negative feedback, especially if the item turns out to be counterfeit.
  12. If you mutually agree to withdraw the transaction doesn't the seller get their fees back (or most of them)? If they did that now they will be out less than if you end up filing a dispute. Plus I guess you are less likely to leave neg feedback that way.
    I don't know what the obsession is with having 100% fb. I still check out the comments whether they've got 100% or 90%. If you get an unwarranted neg there are ways to get it removed. Why set others up to become victims of these fakers just because you are scared of what one single seller might say about you out of the possibly hundreds of others who have all left you lovely feedback?
  13. Thanks for all the advice and support, ladies! I just sent a subtly menacing note to the seller (I haven't paid yet, as she has yet to send me the total payment amount), it was quite satisfying :angel: . Now I just have to wait and hope for the best...

    In other news, she posted a response to the negative feedback she got...
    I don't think that's even a legitimate point...How could anyone know that?
    And this is the feedback she left for the buyer: "NEW TO EBAY,GIVES NEGATIVE FB WHITH NO REASON"

    >:[ I hate it when people pull the "newbie" card on people who leave negative feedback. It doesn't even make sense. First of all the buyer was not new to ebay, second of all what would that have to do with one's ability to discern authentic items? Raa.
  14. just to answer a question about why some sellers who sell fakes have little/no negative FB: i bought a fake Prada bag on eBay in July, but since i was a newbie to designer bags at the time, i dind't know it was fake when i first got it (it had the dustbag, authenticity cards, etc and back then i thought it was the real deal). So the day I got it i left pos feedback, saying how item was authentic, would buy from again, etc. however after i used it only 2 or 3 times, i began suspecting that the bag was fake...the handles were fraying, it was getting scuffed VERY easily, etc. Well, long story short, 2 weeks after i bought the item I convinced myself i bought a fake, and I didn't want my $250 going to the toilet so I filed a SNAD dispute with Paypal. Seller refused to refund, claiming I had already left pos FB and just had buyer's remorse. In the end, I got my $$ back (got proof the bag was fake from MyPoupette), but it was hassle and it took forever.

    btw, this seller had 99.4% feedback or something... also, had sold FOUR of the *same* Prada bag (fake as well obviously), and all the others had left pos feedback too! so i guess they were all naive/newbie buyers like I was, that didn't realize it was a fake!

    And yeah, as lorimatthews said, if u get the bag and it's fake, don't send the bag back right away. If you file a paypal claim they may ask you to send it to their Paypal returns site (and not to the seller) becuase if you give it back to the seller chances are it will end up on ebay again and some other unsuspecting buyer will purchase it.
  15. It does not matter WHAT a seller says about NO REFUNDS. If the item is counterfeit, that is an illegal sale from the get go and the seller does not have a leg to stand on no matter what she states in the auction description.