Nooooooooo! *Falls to knees* [Warning - pic]

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  1. Hope it's ok to post this, I didn't post the link to the source, to hopefully spare people's eyes.

    Normally fakes don't faze me, but the fact that they're doing purple caviar (which I know is many people's HG bag - including me!) is so surprising to me. :crybaby:



  2. wow ... that's a great color and a really SCARY fake b/c it certainly could pass for genuine on the surface!!
  3. where did you manage to find this? the leather and color are close to the genuine purple caviar but then again, fakes will always be fakes! and WE SHALL NOT DISCUSS / DISCLOSE the details of why this fake looks like one that will benefit any manufacturers of fake bags!
  4. This is sooo scary, to me it looked normal it even has the chanel tag, I wish i could tell what about it makes it fake, how you can tell. Ive learned a lot about fake bags, but seems like i have a lot to learn:s
  5. wow. speechless:sad:
  6. Oh my god it even has the Chanel tag. Now that scares me!
  7. Another reason I only buy from the boutique. I bet IRL it may not look so great. Fakes usually LOOK like fakes :yes:.

    I just wish Chanel would bring that color back in caviar :shame:.
  8. This is a good fake but it's still NOT a super fake. Bad and ugly construction.
  9. Announcing the NUMBER ONE reason to buy from your Chanel store only...
  10. Just from those few photos alone I already spotted one very obvious sign it's a fake. But it's still pretty scary how from a cursory glance of the first photo the texture almost looked right.
  11. This is scary. Just when I think I know enough to venture an eBay purchase, I get a wake-up call (thankfully!).
  12. Holy crap that one is a fake??!! I've had it on my watch list since the listing first went up and didn't catch on to any authenticity problems....oh crap....but now that you pointed it out I'm noticing the quilts don't really align (kind of hard to tell with the way the bag was photographed).
  13. Yes, the quality of the fakes is getting better. I've got fake bag phobia 'cause unless it's a very obvious fake, I do get fooled. Thank goodness for people who have a good eye for these things & are willing to help!

    After the first (& LAST) experience of buying what turned out to be a fake bag on eBay, I just go to the boutique (that's more fun to me anyway).
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