Nooooooo :( Nation's largest spruce tree gone

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    We've been having crazy stormy weather in Oregon the past few days, and this giant spruce tree didn't survive :crybaby:

    It was such a beautiful tree!
  2. Aww, damn. I'm sorry hon. I love trees.
  3. That is really sad :sad:

    Mother Nature has really not been liking what is going on... we can see it in what happens around us
  4. That is sad. (But the nations second largest sitka spruce is going "Yes!!":happydance:)
  5. I sad. So many beautiful trees have been lost due to last winter's storms and now this week too!!
  6. Oh, how sad. I loved that tree!
  7. I agree with this sentiment. This is always sad...

  8. This is so very true.
  9. That is so sad! I almost cried last winter when Stanley Park in Vancouver lost many of its trees. What's next....the sequoias in California? So sad!
  10. This is such a bummer.
  11. As long as there are tree-huggers, the Giant Redwoods will stand. ;)

    We do lose many trees during the worse of the storms, but not many considering how large the groves are here. The world's tallest redwood is not far from where I live.