NOOOOOO it BROKE!! What should i do T__T

  1. :crybaby:My sweet monogram earring broke today! I'm so fustrated and sad and disappointed! What should i do? Technically i have three earrings.. but i really don't like wearing the heart! Plus at the rate of 230 bucks... this shouldn't have happened... was it my fault?

    I had stored my earrings in my wallet for around 2-3 days b/c i take them off nightly and am painting my room so my jewelry box is in a box somewhere... i've tagged pics of my wallet and the earring which seems to have had it's loop (on the flower) broken so that it no longer attaches to the twisted hoop.

    I tried looking through the booklet that comes with it and it says nothing... is there a warranty on lv fashion jewelry??? does anyone know if they'll fix it for free or how much it costs for them to fix it? :crybaby:
    nooooo.jpg nooooo2.jpg noooo4.jpg nooooo1.jpg nooooo3.jpg
  2. OMG you have to take it to your store.
  3. This doesn't look too hard to fix. I've had a similar problem with LV earrings a while ago, but I went to the jewelry store because it takes a 3 hour trip to get to the nearest LV store.
    If they're still quite new, I would go back to the store. Mine were already about 2 years old.
    However, I don't think they would charge you a lot, as it's not that much work to fix it. I don't know exactly what I payed for it at the jewelry store, but it wasn't much and it only took about ten minutes to fix it.
  4. Talk to your store see what they say they should replace it for you
  5. i got these earrings in july...has anyone gotten broken jewelry replaced at lv?
  6. oh no! if you got it in July they should fix it for free! it hasn't even been a 1/2 year yet
  7. heck yeah they better fix it! I would call 866 first and let them know what is going on and see what they say. For that price that shouldn't have happened!

    GOOD LUCK! :flowers:
  8. That is too bad. I hope you get them fixed.
  9. Take it to the store....they should replace it for you.
  10. called 866 they said take it in =( i wish they could give me like a definitive answer or the policy for these things happening
  11. Oh man, I'm sorry! They better give you new one's! You haven't even had em too long. I hope everything works out for you
  12. take it to the store ASAP.
  13. Oh no! I hope you can get it replaced! You haven't had it long!

    So from my understanding, you can get jewelry pieces replaced if they are less than a year old...? I never knew about warranty associated with LV products! Is it a year for everything?
  14. Awww so sorry. I hope you can get it fixed.

    I have an Ostrich wish bracelet and the band that holds the end fell off. They fixed it no questions for me. It was within a year.
  15. Oh sorry to hear that ... hope they'll fix it for you!