Noooooo! Information needed

  1. Arggghhh, heres the deal; Ive spent ageees, months even, trying to decide what colour and style my next bag should be, im so indecisive:rolleyes: Anyway, now Ive finally decided that I want a blenheim, in either chocolate, apple, olive or even lavendar (Im not that fussy :lol:) - however there are none to be found....anywhere, Ive phoned all 4 outlets and nothing :crybaby::tdown::nogood:

    Anyway, what Im wanting to ask here is does anyone have the email addresses for the outlet shops, as its easier for me to hassle them regularly (re their stock levels) via email rather than phone, as I cant use the phone during the day at work.

    Thanks girls :tup:
  2. thank you jo.

    I dont know if I want a ledbury now though... which one do people think is most versatile out of the ledbury and the blenheim?
  3. I saw an orange one at Cheshire Oaks if thats any help?? But the Blenheim is definately a shoulder bag,bit on the small side,but I have to lug lots of stuff,so bigger is a requirement for me at the mo,they had some at Chesh oaks in oak,not sure what other colors,just noticed them as Kroquet said she was after an oak bag,so they jumped out at me.

    As for the Ledbury,I'm a squirt and could'nt fit one on my shoulder,definately a hand held model,but bigger than the Blenheim,if you need a little more space.

    Chesh Oaks number is;07515 577 598, the sa did mention that the popular colors don't come through that often,but they do eventually so I think it pays to be persistent.The manageress there is called Sally,she's really lovely, why not give them a call,ask for her and ask her to put you on a list of some sort,they are in the process of building a client base I would guess. So chances are they will be right on thr phone for you when they get one in.

    The orange one would look dynamite with a black suit by the way!!!
  4. Thanks Chaz. Ive just phoned the cheshire oaks store (isnt it great theyre open until 9pm?!) - they dont have any at the moment, but said they might get some in future deliveries which are apparently wednesday and friday (or it may have been saturday, not sure). Anyway i guess I just need to keep trying.

    Still cant decide which one I want now;ledbury or blenheim? I think Ive decided it must be olive or chocolate though.
  5. hey i had this exact same dilemma not too long ago, was trying to decide between a ledbury and blenheim. i went with the ledbury, and got a chocolate one. btw the new chocolate ledbury comes with an inside pocket while the oak and printed leather ones i saw at the store didn't.

    but now i realise that i still really want a blenheim in oak, and have been searching in vain on eBay for one cos I don't live in the UK and have no access to the outlets. but chaz has so kindly agreed to help me get one from the cheshire oaks outlet so guess i can finally have both the bags i wanted from the start. :smile: i think a blenheim would probably be easier to carry around, a ledbury looks very cute but just not so convenient cos it's a hand held bag. either one in olive or chocolate would be great. i've seen both bags in olive IRL n they look great. i thought of getting an olive ledbury, but then thought the chocolate would be more versatile n i love that it's a lovely dark brown. someone suggested an east-west bayswater to me last time, but i don't really like the shape. but perhaps you would like to consider that?
  6. Thanks trevor. The East-west doesnt really do it for me either, I like the cute shape of the ledbury! I think I will persevere and whichever one I track down first will be 'the one'!
  7. Well I 'tried on' a chocolate ledbury in nottingham today, and it was so cute - I want one :tup::tup::heart::yahoo:

    Spoke to shepton mallet this morning about the availability of it in chocolate or olive and the person on the phone said they may have some, and to try phoning again in a few weeks. Fingers crossed :s