1. WHY WHY WHY!? My mom literally JUST called me from work to tell me that there is a new JC Penney's opening up in a mall that's only thirty-or-so minutes from my house... and she paused before she said "and Clare, guess what, they're selling tokidoki there!" WHAT?! There has never been any mall right close by that sells toki... and the second I go on my ban, a store opens up!? aaahhhh life hates me!!! :cry:

    Well guys, I think I might get one more bag before my ban is truly solidified... this is pretty legendary for me... omg wow hahahaha part of me really wants to stay on the ban, and the other part is going "well you are getting paid soon, so you CAN afford it" WAH! :cry: :biggrin:
  2. omg....when did JC Penney's start selling toki?:wtf:
  3. I don't even know! I thought it was just Macy's and such until today... maybe it's a new thing for JCP?? Weirdddd.
  4. They don't have it online, I just checked. Hmmm...

  5. My mom told me that she heard it on the radio~ Mm... I'm curious as to if it's true or not, too :p I'll report back after she and I have gone to scope it out later today :yes:
  6. WTH!!!!!! JCPENNYS AND TOKI!!!!!!!!!!! thats crazy im kinda hoping its not true... because then everyone in my little town would have toki.. and i like to stick out even if it dose mean shopping online.. and waiting in pain for a package to arrive... haha say its not so say its not so :p
  7. JCP and Toki???:wtf: I would have never guessed that one.:weird: Hope it's not just Toki look-alike bags.
  8. Some JCP's now has Sephora stores inside some of them so it is a possibility...
  9. wow, i always thought jcp was low-end.. guess they're changing up their image!

    lol, yea the only store around me that sells toki (that i know of) is metropark & they don't tempt me that much bc i hardly ever see anything go on sale or clearance. :p
  10. Dang! I know it's not like it makes any difference for us here in Hawaii because department stores aren't allowed to sell them, but if they DID it'd suck because JCP closed down on O'ahu because of bad business so we couldn't get them anyway - unless we flew to the Big Island where there's one JCP store left (the last time I was there).
  11. There's a new JCP's opening up on 290 and Spring cypress, I wonder if they have them?
  12. It's fate that you have at least one more bag, to umm....ready you for the ban. Yeah, that's it. <inner shopaholic making excuses>
  13. Omgg! JCP has Tokidoki?! I'm calling them ASAP !!! HAHA! XD
  14. haha see the new thread I made - it was actually a misunderstanding :cry: