NOOOO!!! This is what I was afraid of! Mail issues

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  1. So this is the first time I've sold a high end LV (well, with the exception of mid-ends like Coach and LeSportsac) and I paid $48 for GUARANTEED and additional insurance. It was supposed to get there the next business day (Monday by the latest). It's now Tuesday night and my buyer hasn't received the item. The last update was that it had been accepted at the "Sorting Office". :sad: It's supposed to be there by now!

    I'm so freaking out!!! I double checked the delivery standards and to her postal code from my should IS guaranteed (not just guideline estimate). I also rechecked the form copies and her address is legible and correct!! :shocked:

    I'm going to call Canada Post tomorrow but I just had to vent now. UGH!!! I really don't need this stress right now. :sad:
  2. I always try to avoid shipping to Canada. Their custom is famous with holding packages. When the package reaches another country, it is out of USPS' control. Looks like the only thing can do now is wait.
  3. ^ well, actually I'm shipping OUT of Canada so it shouldn't be held up by our notorious customs. Which is why it's so weird and worrying me! Sighhh. :sad:
  4. So it is your custom again? :smile: Quite a few years ago I sent a package via Global Priority to Canada. It was held in Canda custom and took over two weeks to deliver. Since then, I lost confidence of shipping to Canada.

    I don't understand why Canada custom holds out-going packages?
  5. There was a section that said country of origin but I didn't have anything asking me what was ask of the poster in that thread.

    And I don't think this has anything to do with Canada customs because far as I know, it's the incoming country's customs office that inspects the packages.
    Plus, it would say on the tracking details but so far it just says accepted at "Sorting Plant" instead of "Customs". Sighhh. I guess I'll just have to wait til tomorrow to call customer service. Until then, I'm just going to worry worry worry. :sad:

    Thanks for your help.

    So I called Canada Post and what they had failed to tell me was that once it goes past the border to the US, the delivery agent is DHL and I need to check DHL for the tracking information instead! Ugh.

    So I relayed the info to my buyer and she also checked on her side and they told her it's because there was no apartment number. (Does DHL hire idiots??? Because I have the carbon copy of the form I filled out and it has the apartment number!!) She said they'll be retrying tomorrow so hopefully it gets there safe.

    Phew! I'm really hoping it makes it there fine tomorrow.
  7. never mail anything through a faster means of shipping and expect it to get to another country that quickly, especially canada. my boyfriend is canadian, and i'm from the states and i've shipped things every way possible and it ALways takes almost two entire weeks, regardless of what it is, how i ship it, what i pay, etc.

    the other stupid part is like you said, the mail is allowed to change hands once it arrives in the other country, which is totally stupid. if i PAY for ups to ship something 2-3 business days, it should get there right? wrong, because ups apparently has no control how it's delivered once it leaves canadian customs.

    i really wouldn't worry most likely will get to the buyer, just not as quickly, which should have been avoided in the first place. have you ever successfully shipped overnight to the states?
  8. that doesn't make sense. what is the logic of offering different services if it does indeed get there at the same time? i've shipped by a faster means (airmail rather than surface) and it's gotten to the destination faster and yes, next day to the US before. it got there within 2 days which is reasonable.
  9. I've never had a problem with any of my packages going to the United States, however I can't say the same for packages going to Europe though.

    Did you fill out the forms probably? What method of shipping did you use? It sound like you used Purolator. Purolator is kind of a separate entity from Canada Post so I think they do things their own way. However I did ship using that method and it got there on time.

    It also depends what time you dropped the package off for shipping. There are cut off times, if you went after 5pm chance are that it would be counted as the next business day. You have to also declare everything properly on the custom form or else there is a higher chance customs will open the package and check it (delaying it longer). For the origin of the product I usually put where it made in. Never had a problem with that.

    Another thing to note about Canada Post and USPS, they aren't really good at scanning packages so that is why you don't see any tracking updates. I have had that happened to me several times already. However, I have never lost any packages or had my customers complain. I just explained to them that it is at customs being cleared and if they don't get it by a certain time, I will call Canada Post to trace it for them.
  10. I've shipped to US many many times through Australia Post ECI/ EMS which gets handled by USPS when it gets to US, and found them to be very reliable... FedEx & DHL on the other hand are more expensive but not so great...
  11. the logic of offering the different services is beyond me. i regularly ship things between canada and the u.s., have used several different types of services, and have found (this is over the course of the past three years) that nothing arrives when they say it will. i did not say it got there at the same time regardless of what service i used, but that the item(s) didn't reach their destination by said day.

    like you said, you shipped next day, and it got there within 2 days. i've done this as did not arrive the next day. i give things a solid two weeks of business working days and then i begin investigating.

    if you shipped it 2-3 working days, i'd give it more like 5-7.