noooo!! please be a dream!!!

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  1. i am so saaaaaaaaaad :cry:

    imagine this:


    i went to my local coach store last Saturday.. and they actually had my dream bag!! (Signature Gallery Tote in white) from the new spring collection which just came in!! :nuts:

    i didnt get it right away cause i had to decide which color and stuff..(cause we dont have any exchange nor return policy in where i live!! if u buy it thats it..just live with it!! thats why i took 4 days to decide!!) :amazed:

    and when i went today.. to buy it!! the sales person told me its gone!! they just received 4 pieces or 5 and thats it.. all gone.. both colors white and gold..:cry:

    guys i am so pethitic.. he wasnt any help even when i asked him are you getting any??????????? :worried:

    he just said he had no info!! argggggggh (dont they have data bases with all that sort of info!!) my God!! he didnt even make any phone calls or anything!! its like (face it honey its gone!!) :sad:

    guys i ended up buying the key fob which i wanted for my new bag.. its sooooooo cute with butterflies.. i posted its pic from their website cause i am horrible with photographing..:shame:

    i looked so pethitic buying the keyfob with hope of buying the bag one day :cry:

    i emailed coach to ask them what shall i do.. i am an international customer.. but their website states that i cant place an order unless if my credit card is issued in the US, which is not :sad:

    i am feeling down..:cry:

    now that i have told you fellow lovely members of PF.. i'll move to my next step in my healing process.. a bucket of baskin robins icecream..
    and maybe a bunch of chocolate bars latter..

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  2. why don't you ask someone who has a credit card issued in the us to buy it for you?
  3. there's nothing worse than being ready to purchase something and having it be SOLD OUT...

    sorry!! hope it all works out..
  4. i dont have any close relatives nor friends living their whom i can ask to do me that favor:cry:
    i have a relative who will go to london in may i think.. but it'll be long gone by then.:sad:
    i guess its that nerve breaking game of "wait and see" :cry:
  5. i think that the bag you are searching for is very summery, so i'm sure it will be back in the store.
  6. i swear Andreax716 they said in their online cataloge that this item will be out in February! And we are 2nd of Feb and its sold out here!!:cry:
  7. its this one..
    in either color i dont longer care!! (well.. i do care loool i want white!) << go lay down dear and take a deep breth :cry:

    its from spring collection 2006.. what is Spring??? :blink: any idea any one? Which monthes are spring??? :wacko:
    << i might have that info somewhere in my mind i am sure.. but everything is out of order at the moment!! :cry:
    can someone flash that info for me!!:wacko:

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  8. spring is march april and may!
  9. Hello all...

    I've been a lurker for the longest time now. I'm posting for the 1st time to share your sorrow vanilla addict. I completely feel for you, its painful i know. But dun give up, how about ebay ? Its a good place, you might just be in luck ;)
  10. hopefully it is in Coach's calender!! :worried:


    Hi mya!! and a warm welcome to!! :biggrin: and thank u dear for the support:amuse:
    sorry this had to be your first post!! imagine i was planing to share with you guys my purchase first thing when i come home!! cause i am love with this forum and the lovely people here who share news, advise, laugh with you and sympithy with you! :biggrin:
    but so much for my plans!! i ended up sharing the keyfob! :cry:
    i never considered ebay's risk before.. will fight till the end!! :idea:
    and "wait and see"
    <<by the time, i'll gain 10 pounds from all the chocolates and icecream!!:blink:
  11. you should be able to have the coach store ship it to you from any store in your country.
  12. Try contacting a Macy's in the US. They carry Coach and may ship. Otherwise see about American Express Travelers Checks, I believe they come in "gift card" style now. check the web site carefully and see what they take and where they ship.
  13. Bummer, that is terrible. I hope you find one!
  14. :sad: vanilla_addict, I understand how you feel. I had a couple of times where I took a few days to think about whether or not to buy something..... and when I got back all ready to buy --- it's gone.

    During those times, I was so mad with myself and with almost everyone around me.... I believe you have a better temper than me and better luck too. So don't be disheartened! I believe they will order more and shipment will come soon. Maybe you can try writing to them for help?

    cheer up, babe!
  15. I find it hard to believe that you can't get your hands on one. I think the SA was pulling your chain because you did'nt buy right away. Where are you located?