Noooo! My Bourdeaux First has a rip!!! :(

  1. Ackkk! I just examined my bag and it has a deep scratch/rip at the bottom of the bag!!! Noooo! :sad: I just tried calling BalNy, but I got an answering/automated message so I left my name and number for Joseph to call me back(he's manager, right?). I also e-mailed him and included pics. Has this happened to anyone at BalNy before? Do I have to pay for return shipping to exchange my bag?!? Arghhhh... Here are pics. I don't know if you can see it well. I took a gazillion pics and these were the best shots.
    E-mail Rip.jpg E-mail rip2.jpg
  2. OMG! I can't really see the first picture but I am not liking the second. Can you actually see the lining through the rip? Put it in a box and leave it alone - you want to be able to tell them that after examining it to pack it, put it away, whatever, you noticed the rip and left it alone. Good luck.

    BTW, what is the location of the rip?
  3. No, I can't see the lining through the rip, so I think it's just a really deep scratch. I did exactly what you recommended and carefully put it straight back in it's dustbag and box after I took the pics. The rip is on the bottom of the bag. I hope BalNy will exchange it for me. I'm sooo sad. :sad: :sad: :sad:
  4. Oh crap...
  5. I am sure they will - I know the disappointment is that you wanted this color. Look at it as a sign, maybe you are meant to get an grenat instead.:smile:
  6. I would keep calling him. good luck
  7. Aaarghhh...I just called again. They're closed. :sad: I left a message for Joseph earlier, though, so I hope he calls me back tomorrow morning. shoegal, maybe you are right. Maybe I am supposed to get Grenat instead. I'm afraid to exchange it for another Bordeaux because aallabama told me that the remaining 2 were not that great leatherwise. I guess they've all been sitting in a warehouse so long(since last year) and the leather on some got to dry to the point of ripping/cracking open. I was sooooo happy at first, too!!! :cry:
  8. YIKES!! That's horrible, I am sooooo sorry that happened. Call him again in the morning and don't touch it, they will take it back, don't worry. It is actually better that you noticed it right when you received
    it instead of a week or so later, it will be okay:yes:
  9. OMG! What's up with b-bags and rips lately!? I feel for you cause the same thing happened to me. If that's not a rip, then they can't do anything about it. Definitely get a replacement cause that one looks worse than mine! it looks really long!!! I'M SO SORRY! know exactly how you feel. This SUCKS!
  10. EXACTLY. that's what my cobbler said! cause where it is "ripped" is where the marbleing is. too dry!
  11. Thanks, chloe, you are right. It's better that I noticed it today. On the receipt, it says I have a 10 exchange/return period. I ordered it last Wed, the 7th, and it just arrived today(14th) so it's already been 7 days. By the time, it arrives back to them it will be after 10 days from when I purchased it, do you know if shipping time is calculated in the exchange/return policy?

    Either way, I am definitely calling Joseph again tomorrow morning. I was going to leave the message with daphne(the lovely SA that I ordered the bag from), but Joseph is the manager, right? Does anyone know who the manager is there?
  12. oh no, pupster. i'm so sorry to hear about your bordeaux.:sad: i hope that BNY will resolve this for you soon. i'm sure they will make it right for you. keep us posted. *hugs*

    eta: i don't think joseph is the manager. i'm not sure who is...
  13. i think it is probably 10 days after you RECEIVED it.
  14. I'm starting to think it has to do with the newer leather they switched to. It's so crackly and thin. I was going to try to exchange it for an Ink First(I think Joseph mentioned that he had them left), but now I think I will hold out for one of the newer colors for this season since the leather has already been reported as being thicker and nicer(less prone to crackling). The crack is rather long. :sad:
  15. Thanks for the hugs, esile. I need them right now! :cry: I'll post tomorrow with what they say. Keep your fingers crossed for me...