NOOOO! I missed my dream bag by 3 seconds!

  1. AKKKKKKKK! I think I just had a heart attack! someone scrape me off the floor!

    There was an anis twiggy on eBay and I was waiting and waiting to bid and I did at the last moment 30 seconds before the end of auction- but my internet DIDNT GO THROUGH and the bid didnt go through in time!


    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    OMG I think I am gonna cry... :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. Ha! I've been watching that all week and emailing with the owner for pics, trying to haggle for a BIN etc.

    I'm glad we didn't end up bidding against each other.
    But I think another Pf'er won.
  3. Don't worry, the one you will get will have all of it's tassles and no coffee splash ;)
  4. I emailed the winner already about it! I cant keep missing out on this bag, it is ruining balenciaga for me.

    the seller sent me pics and would NOT take a BIN... trust me. I begged.

    eta: there was a coffee splash?
  5. She offered me a BIN the first day it was up for 600, then the listing was taken down by eBay for that horrible stock photo she had, and then she got all confused and decided against a BIN.

    I'm sure having more than one person asking for a BIN didn't help ;)

    Yeah, you can see the spots by the zipper and under the front tab. They look small in the photo but you know IRL they would be bigger.
    I pointed them out to Chigirl too.

    Like I said, DON'T WORRY!!!! Another will come.
    I know, I'll shut up.
    I'm the master at complaining myself.
  6. frick! 600 BIN! damnit! I swear I knew this was coming- I had a dream a week or so pretty much this exact thing. I think I am going to give up- I cant do this anymore.

    I quit.
  7. The BIN of 600 didn't matter though, because her listing was taken down before she could give me her email to send the $$ to her.
    Then she freaked.

    Don't quit silly!
  8. Hey girl ... never give up!! It's okay - there is a BETTER one out there for you!!! Now that I know you want this so bad, I will be looking! ;)
  9. Oh, Mocean, I am sooo sorry...this has happened to me too and it's devastating. I wish there was more I could do for you...
  10. Mocean--do you know about sniping software?
  11. Oh Mocean, I am sooo sorry that you missed it! Believe that another will come along in better shape for you!

    I wish you well,

  12. susan-eric has a good point ... you can enter the bid into esnipe (eSnipe - Bid on eBay Automatically - eSnipe 3.0) and set it to submit the bid when there are just a few seconds left in the auction. It does all the work for you - no worries about your internet connection!
  13. Mocean didn't you just get a city? Do you prefer the twiggy? Too bad moc and Winona! But yes...the coffee stains look baaaaad....another one is sure to pop up...they are averaging two a week these days....
  14. You need to use a sniping program, mocean! If you really want something on ebay, that's the only way to go! Too many people wait until the last second.
  15. no, I didnt get the city- another huge disappointment. seriously- this color is just never going to come home to me. I'm just OFFICIALLY giving up on this color. I am so over being disappointed and angry about it.

    I heard about sniping- I'm gonna look into it, but this has never happened to me before so I never needed it. I was seriously sitting there waiting to bid and placed my bid 30 seconds before the end of auction and it didnt go through. I SCREAMED when I saw I missed it.