Nooo! Please don't tell me I'm pre-destined to a life without CL's!


Mar 21, 2010
Hi all, a couple weeks ago I posted shots of my new patent camel CL's. I've been admiring them on my shoe rack since then, and have only worn them at my desk a few times.

Well, today I wore them outside to meet a friend for lunch. OH MY GOD. It was so difficult to walk in them, and after just a few blocks I had blisters on my feet (and one of the blisters tore).

This has NEVER happened to me with shoes before, and after researching on this forum I even put heel grips to keep my heels from slipping out (which they don't seem to help much with). The shoes definitely don't feel too big, and I don't think I would be able to size down.

Anyone have any advice for making them more comfortable? Or should I give up on CL's? :sad: :sad: :sad:


I want this one! <3
Jul 18, 2006
oh no. i hope your blisters are healing up ok!

i would suggest wearing them indoors, preferably on a carpeted surface, for a couple of days after your feet heal to help break in the patent leather. Brand new patent leather is brutal on the feet, especially when you are outside on concrete sidewalks!

Once the leather moulds to your foot, it won't hurt as much! Also, I think some of the other ladies have had lots of luck with blisterblock? Maybe that will help alleviate it a little.

It will get better! I promise.

PS. which style was this?


Aug 9, 2010
ya, i had blisters from a few shoes. i think the best thing is to wear them around the house and stretch them out and get the leather so it isn't so "new" that way it won't tear your feet up when you're walking around on concrete and what not. also, put a little baby powder on your feet before. it's supposed to help


Mar 21, 2010
Thanks for the advice.. I will run out to get Blister block asap after work :smile: I'm also going to look for foot petals.. although the toe box feels tight, I wonder if the blisters were somehow caused by slippage.

They are decolettes... so pretty and I hope I don't have to give them up!


Sep 16, 2010
My patents tore my feet to shreds on the first few wears, but now they are my go to shoes. they might be wedges (materna) but patent is a killer. I did the carpet trick, covered my heals in plasters and bit the bullet with them.


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Jul 6, 2008
put duct tape directly on your skin where you are getting the blister - this will make it rub on the tape rather than your skin - this is what the Marines do to avoid blisters when breaking in their army boots.


Apr 11, 2011
i feel your pain. i seriously don't know how the girls here do it. i went to a CL store to try on a patent simple 85, which is suppose to be a comfortable CL shoes. the sizing was correct, but that patent feels like it would require too much of a break in. it hurts my feet just to try on shoes and i've never had that happen before. so i definitely admire the girls who can walk in the talk pointy ones. i don't think i'm meant to get a CL. but that doesn't stop me from lurking on this board. i want one so bad. i'm on the search for a pre-owned one.


Dec 18, 2010
awww i hope your blisters healed by now.

BUT i know what you're talking about. the same thing happened to me. i have ENORMOUSLY wide feet, i don't even know HOW i managed to stick my foot in my patent ron rons. but for 2 days straight, i wore 2 pairs of super thick socks and wore my shoes around the house. now my ron rons fit like a dream :smile:


Apr 14, 2008
When i brought my first pair of CL's the girl in the shop said to me " no pain, no gain!"

They hurt like hell when i put them on, i couldnt move but i put on a pair pf socks and moved about abit. They softened and when i wear them now i put on blister block.

stick with it, its worth it in the end, i promise!


Feb 22, 2009
I know that some ladies here has problem with Decollette and found it very uncomfortable
I found mine is fine but again everyone is different:smile:

Maybe try different style, prorata and new simple are very comfortable to wear
Aug 31, 2009
Louboutin himself has said many times that comfort is absolutely not his priority! Beauty is. My mom had me repeat that mantra to myself throughout my childhood, "Pain for Beauty"... and that definitely is true with CL's. But luckily, as the shoes break in, it improves. I can't speak from personal experience as CL's have never hurt me, but there are several threads on different products (blister blockers, comfort pads) that have worked for the ladies here. Don't give up!! The shoes are so beautiful.


Jul 27, 2008

For me these are essentials:
1. ball of foot pad in the steeper shoes (pigalle 120 for example, helps relieve the burning ache from the pressure of being on the balls of your feet)
2. heel grips (i have narrow heels and i ALWAYS rub the back of my heel in pumps and get blisters on them... has not happened ever since i've used heel grips)
3. blister block (always carry this in your purse)
4. (and band aids in your purse if you're breaking out shoes for the first time, you NEVER KNOW)
Jan 3, 2011
Washington DC
don't give up hope-decolettes are notorious for foot homocide lol I don't know how women do it! but just listen to the advice so far and for the your next pair...go w/ something more comfy...and try them on in the store first...for as long as you need. If they hurt your feet in the store, they're going to hurt at home :smile:

good luck!
Nov 9, 2010
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Don't give up I'm sure there's a pair that will suit your feet, I don't have a problem with the fit of CL's as long as I stick to no higher than 120 but I have had problems with other makes like a pair of Jimmy Choos but I wore them around the house with socks & now there my go to shoe for a long day shopping but Patent is well known for being a killer on the feet as its a lot harder to break in than just plain leather, it's no where near as soft.