Nooo It's Gone!

  1. The wallet I wanted from the Coach website is GONE. The Legacy Stripe Slim Envelope wallet. NOOO!!

    I have a Whiskey Ali on it's way to me that it was going to fit perfect with. Nooo!!

    I'm sooo kicking myself for not just ordering it when it was in my shopping cart.

    GRRRR. :tdown:
  2. Do you have outlets near you? That one just might be making it's way to the outlet! :smile:
  3. I would call and see if its orderable or call one of the stores they might have one in stock.
  4. Call JAX. Sometimes when something is gone from the website, its still available from the warehouse.
  5. I have the whisky slim envelope wallet and it goes great w/my ali!!! take a look @ that one.....

    ahh nvm I dont see the whisky one available anymore :sad:

    all of the great stuff is gone from the web!!!
  6. outlet!!!