Nooo! I crushed a banana inside my Birkin!!!!

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  1. Could I be more stupid??? I crushed a banana inside my Birkin bag!!! :rant:

    I feel so sad i could cry! I wiped the inside with kitchen paper, but I am really not sure which product to use to clean what's left!!! Do you girls know if a little bit of soap and water is OK? (Black Togo leather, i know it's not fragile, but still...) I cannot see myself phoning Hermes with such a stupid question... :hrmm:
    i think i would die screaming if this happened to me. you might want to try one of those shout cloth wipes, which i know would work, but test it on an inconspicuous area first.
    i don't know; i think i'd phone hermes anyway... it's worth it to save your precious bag!!
  3. I would wipe it out and let dry and see what it looks like - maybe some leather cleaner? I would think it woul be okay - but sorry!!

  4. :yucky: :roflmfao:
  5. If it's the inside, it's the chevre leather part which is VERY water resistant and durable. That's why they use it as lining. My friend spilled a whole baby bottle of MILK in her Birkin and just cleaned it up with a soft towel. No mess, residue or smell was left.
  6. Oh, noooo!!!

    I think in any case you can still call Hermes for suggestions.
  7. call them!! .. if ur embarrassed just don't give them your name or identify urself in anyway :]
  8. Isn't there a Hermes soap?
  9. Oh no... I'm so sorry for your little accident. Definitely DO CALL THEM right now! Good luck!
  10. yeap, there is! It's actually quite good. I use it to clean my non-Hermes bags from dirt.
  11. Is it the saddle soap?
  12. Yeap! I posted it in the Hermes Informative Catalog before:

    The official name is "Pain de Savon Glycerine" or "Savon H a la Glycerine" (Sodium Soap in English). It says that it is made out of fatty acids of animal. It's mainly used to clean the saddles, hence, saddle soap.
  13. Oh no! :yucky: I would call, or maybe try the saddle soap that LaVan is referring to.

    Good luck!
  14. sorry to hear about ur unfortunate incident.. hope u got it cleaned by now...
  15. don't use anything like a shout cloth. no weird chemicals! at most a damp cloth and then immediately a dry towel.
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