Nooo...a forewarning...

  1. My dear friends,

    Please, please don't put your mono canvas next to some fabric that's really bright and heavily dyed for a really, really long're asking for it.

    I got some color transfer on my mono papillon. Didn't notice it until now...crap. :sad: Thankfully, it's only on a couple sides near the edges, but still...
  2. Aww... I'm soo sorry to hear that... do you have any pictures?
  3. Ugh! That sucks! Sorry that happened to your bag:sad:
  4. Yep, I don't carry my Mono bags with my dark wash jeans for the same reason.

    Have you tried baby wipes?

  5. Yes, I want to see this. Sorry that happened to you.
  6. I thought mono canvas was durable against things like color transfer. I would really like to see pics. So sorry this happended
  7. awww bernz I'm so sorry! How exactly did that happen (i.e. how long and what type of fabric)?
  8. Oh know I will ask it too..can ou take some pics?? I am sorry that happened to you..
  9. Oh no!! Bernz I'm so sorry that happened!
    Did you get any on the vachetta?

    Maybe baby wipes will help??
  10. I am so sorry this happened. Thanks for the advice. I never knew I had to worry about color transfer with mono canvas. Thanks.
  11. Oh dear! Sorry to hear that, Bernz...any luck with cleaning it off?! Didn't think that'd happen with mono canvas too...:crybaby:
  12. Oh bernz, I'm so sorry. What was it leaning up against to get the color transfer? Can we see it?
  13. Oh no... Bernz... How long was it exposed to cause the color transfer?:confused1: :sad:
  14. ooooh =( i hope u can take it off!! and thanks for the warning!
  15. No noes.. I hope you can get it out, have you tried hairspray ?