noonoo07's Vuitton Showcase!

  1. Hi Chaneljewel! Those wedges are from '03? (Im guessing) I bought them online 2 yrs ago. They look super cute on! I love the Animania collection too! Thanks for stopping by!!!:biggrin:
  2. Thanks so much airborne and missaudrie!! I LVOE LV, I hope it shows? lol!!:biggrin:
  3. Holy collection!

    I don't know that I have seen anything like that! Amazing. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Hi Amstevens714! Holy Collection! lol! LVoe that! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!:smile:
  5. Oh my goodness! I couldn't stop looking at your amazing pieces! I am a sucker for the Multicolore line, the Cerise line & the Cherry Blossom line. You have a truly amazing collection!
  6. Thank you mizz_tiff! My favorite EVER is the Cherry Blossom line too. Im glad you stopped by!!!:smile:
  7. Your collection is amazing!!! May I ask... how long it take you to collect all those beautiful LV? Do you have your favourite? I must admit that I have never seen some of those pieces before - Thank you for sharing :smile:

  8. No problem! I will be back to view some more. :drool:
  9. Hi ayaros! Thanks for looking! I have been collecting since '03 so its been some time now. My favorite is of course the Murakami Cherry Blossom collection! The Satin Cherry Blossoms are amazing!

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  10. Wow, so nice! I love the Suhali. Curious, what is that gray smooshy bag 8th photo down? Thanks!
  11. Hi Ishcat! The "smooshy" bag is called the IRENE. Isnt it amazing? That was a limited item that came out Prefall 2009. Lvoe it! Thanks for stopping in! :smile:

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  12. I'm DAZZLED!

    You've got fabulous, FABULOUS pieces! Wow, just wow. :tup::love:

    I'm worn out looking at everything. (but I'm going back and look at it again -:biggrin:)
  13. Cool! I knew about the canvas version but didn't know there was a suede (?) version, very nice. Congrats!
  14. wow. wow. wow.

    that was just amazing and eye candy!

    wow......the cerises collection is soooooo pretty....

  15. :woot::woohoo::yahoo::tup: WOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!