noonoo07's Vuitton Showcase!

  1. WOW! Amazing!!!
    So some of them you never used? handles are still wrapped :smile:
  2. Hi there! Yes, Alot Of them I havent had the chance to use yet. I will someday! Thanks for looking!! :smile:
  3. Your collection is breath taking. Your Murakami collection is TDF!! I think you should consider building a glassy display or something to showcase your pieces while keeping them protected. They are too beautiful to not be seen & appreciated everyday! ;)
  4. :drool::wacko: wow wow wow TDF girlfriend please adopt me. Beautiful collection
  5. Thank u so much!!!
    Awww, thanks for taking a peek!! :smile:
  6. jaw dropping collection my heart is pounding!OMG!
  7. Thank you so much!!!:smile::smile:
  8. How did I miss this!!! Amazing noonoo! I'm speechless
  9. Lol! Hi nicolette! Your sooo sweet! Thanks for dropping in and taking a peek! :smile:
  10. Gorgeous collection! I'm a bit jealous :smile:
  11. My god!!!! ....u crazy woman:lol:!! You can open your own LV store already! Your collection is amazing.....some of it I haven't even seen before! Woww
  12. speechless, awesome collection 8)
  13. WOW! :smile:
  14. YOU are my "SHERO"!! Amazing.Quite speechless; I will be revisiting your collection for sheer joy for days!
  15. Lol! Yes I am crazy! Thank u so much!!!
    Aww, thank u!!!
    Thanks for stopping by!!
    Your sooo sweet!! Thank u!!! :smile: