Nooby with a question about leathers:D

  1. Hello ladies! I've been putting off getting a bbag for years, especially since I got a fake one on eBay back in '05:sad: I've been itching for a bag lately but couldn't decide which. I'm considering a bbag..but was wondering what you think is the best year for leather in bbags and why. I hear stuff like '07 is "veiny" but can be treated, '04 and '06 are good and smooshy...totally confused:wacko: Thank you so much for your help:flowers:

    **I tried searching for this but coudln't find the exact answer, just various opinions. So sorry if this is asked a lot. If it is can you pls direct me to the right thread?

    ps- I've never touched a real bbag but I like the idea of soft and smooshy leather tdf! NOT "veiny"..whatever that is:s
  2. I think everyone that responds is going to have a different opinion but I believe '04, '05 and '07 have AMAZING leather. I think every year has some drier leathers too but over all those years have great leather. Good Luck with your First BBag hunt!
  3. I think it's really hard to say because they are so varied. The way I understand it is that distressed is when the leather is not smooth, there are lines in it, but veiny is when those lines are a lighter colour and make the bag look a little "mottled" (for want of a better word.) By moisturising the bag, people have made the veins match the rest of the bag in colour and then to me, it's just distressed, not veiny.

    06 was supposed to be a horrible year for the leather, I have an 06 grey that is just phenomenal. At first it wasn't, but with use and care, it has become one of my favourite bags of all. If you don't mind I will post pics, I don't want to hijack your thread.

    The 04 leathers that I have are very soft, when I use my 04 bags, the leather is so soft it conforms to the shape of the things inside. 05 leather is beautiful, it's not as "glossy" as the 04, but still very soft, mine are more distressed than my 04 leathers. 06 leathers really change over time, at first, very shiny and thinner than other years, but boy, once the glaze is gone they are just lovely. They seem to be a little "harder", you can't tell what's inside the bag like the 04s. For me it's too early to talk about 07 leather, the three I have have not been carried enough to talk about any changes, but initially, they are beautiful and thick and soft and smooshy, just fall into a pile of leather when empty.

    Sorry, long post, I hope it helps somewhat!

    I wish you well,

  4. My favorites are '04 and '05. I think each season had bags that have great leather, even spring of '06. You just have to find the really special ones. I'm not thrilled with the added weight of many of the f/w '06's and the '07's. Not all are heavier but some of the ones with really thick, beautiful leather are noticeably heavier and I don't like that. Granted they will probably hold up well, but the weight annoys me. I had a gorgeous f/w '06 caramel. The leather was perfection but it was heavy. I eventually sold it. I can actually tell which are the '04 and '05 bags when they are in their dustbags. Their light weight is noticeable.
    I'm going to do a little experiment and weigh all of my bags when I get time. I'm just curious how much heavier the newer bags are. My Mom's new Mastic seems really heavy. Gorgeous but heavy. My Mastic is different than hers, but mine is a Day and she has the City. My leather is softer and thinner. Hers is stiffer and heavier.