NOOB GUCCI question

  1. Hello I don't own a Gucci (yet) but I am planning to purchase one in the very near future..It's a dumb question, but I need to know..Do the GGs have to line up perfectly like LVs do?

    I have seen quite a lot of them at the mall by my house and they don't line up so I assume they are fake, but maybe they don't have to be lined up evenly???..kinda like bff has a real Fendi that she bought at the Fendi boutique and none of the Fs matched left and right....- so just wondering maybe if Gucci is the same.

    thanks you so much!
    Here's an example of what I'm asking about-THANKS for your time.:p
  2. It's not a dumb question, quite a fair one actually. The G's don't have to line up perfectly, though they are generally not 'cut off' across the top on most items. It is always best to look at other aspects of the bag before judging it on authenticity. As for the bag you used as an example... I'm really sorry to say this, not sure if the bag is yours, but I am pretty sure it is off...

    PS: Like that big rock in your avatar... Engagement ring? :love: (Sorry I'm a busybody! ;))
  3. The bag is something I was looking at that sparked my curiosity regarding the is currently for sale on eBay- I definitely won't buy my first Gucci on there until I'm familiar with it!
    THANKS A LOT for your response..
    Ohh, yaay thanks- my bf/fiance got the engagement ring for me this past April..Gives me something to calm my nerves when he makes me angry..heheh!!!:yes::yes:
  4. No worries! Nothing wrong with buying on eBay... unless it is authentic of course. And congrats on the engagement!
  5. :upsidedown: nice bunny!
  6. hehe thanks...