nontacky prom dresses

Ok, most of you are well past your highschool days now. I, however, am stuck here for another few months and in the interim have go to prom at some point. Now, I can't very well go in sweats and hoodie (though I am becoming increasingly tempted...:amuse: ) but all the places I've looked for gowns in store and online have been tacky, ill-fitting and just plan hideous. Since you all are some of the most discerning and tasteful bunch I've come across, I was wondering if you all know any good places online or in the DC metro area that I can get a nice gown for under, say, $500. I have very simple taste in gowns, I don't like the ones that look like the maker was a 1st grader having fun with pinch glitter and crazy glue, other than that most styles are far game.
How about this MJ dress ? It may be a little too informal given the length, but I think it's pretty cute.


hmm, tough one. most prom dresses are beyond hideous...i know from another thread that jcrew has some beautiful long white dresses on their website, very simply and tasteful, and you could do a lot with hair and accessories with a simple dress.

i found mine stuffed in the back corner of one of those shops with hideous dresses - a simple, black column dress; one layer of black chiffon over one layer of black silk.

but i also wore a red feather boa to prom, so don't trust me.

(in my defense, so did the other girls in my group)
I'm not sure if you'd be up for this but I have one I wore for sale. I wore it once. It is a 2 piece black. The top is a black with silver glitter tube top and the bottom is solid black where the back extends to a train like dress. I bought it at David's Bridal and I paid $350 for it. I'll sell it for $10. I don't know what size you are but it says 13/14 but I was a size 5 when I wore it (It made me feel like a fat ass with the size :sad:) Here are pictures:



I found a dress I fell in love with, but I didn't have the money for it at the time. I came back a week later, and my size was gone! I even asked them if they were getting any new shipments or if any of their other stores carried it, but sadly, no. :[ I'm so sad. And now I need to look for another prom dress too. I'm really picky with my dresses, I hate the poufy princess look, just don't look good on me. Can you post a picture of something you might like so we could take a look at your taste? I have tons of prom dress websites, but I don't know if you'd like any of them or not.
addicted said:
This dress is GREAT! You could accessorize it with a fabulous Judith Leiber clutch! ha ha!

that dress really is great, wonderful sophisticated shape and cut. you could keep it for years and wear it to a lot of different things (a lot of girls i know saved all their formal dresses from high school for wearing to various sorority semi formals and formals in college - some sororities have like 4 a year).

you could also go super glam, i'd love to see it with an updo and huge earrings because of the neckline. that one gets my vote!

and to whoever was a size 5 and had to wear a 13/14 dress for prom, i feel your pain :sad:. i was a 14 and ended up with a 22 or something crazy like that. i wanted to carry a sign that said 'the size printed on the tag of this dress is in no way idicative of the size of my body in objective reality.' i don't know why they can't size those things like normal stuff.