Nonpaying buyers

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  1. I just sold 9 items last week and I still have 5 buyers that have not paid or responded to my emails asking if they still want the item. I'm getting so frustrated with all of these nonpaying bidders. I will be opening nonpaid disputes if they don't pay by tomorrow. What does everyone else do? Do you send just one invoice? Do you email them asking if they still want the item, so you can relist? I think it's so rude when the winning bidder cannot take one second to respond and let me know that no longer want the item.
  2. ^^^ ITA. I have had my share of non paying bidders. They bid and then disappear. I send just one invoice. After two or three days, I send one reminder email. If I hear nothing for four days, I file an NPB.
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    If its been a week, file NPB or UPI, whatever it is called these days. Let eBay send the wakeup call. I normally send a reminder on day 6 because I allow buyers the full 7 days and then file the NPB the 2nd day after I send that.

    Don't ask if they still want it and don't relist until you have gone through the entire process.
  4. Grrr!
    I totally understand where you're coming from.
    They buy from us, waste our time, cost us money and in the end we're the one stressing and having to chase them up!
    There is so much buyers out there that just don't care any more.
    I usually buy something so long as I know I can afford to pay for it in the certain time frame suitable for the seller, but I usually pay straight away any way.
  5. Thank you for all of your great advice. I will no longer send nice emails asking if they still want the item. I will just open a nonpaid dispute on the 4th day and I will block them from bidding on my items again. This is so unfair. I always pay as soon as I win and I have never not paid for an item I won. I will also post their ebay id on the nonpaying bidder thread. I wish we could leave feedback for them to warn other sellers.
  6. I've been using the unpaid item assistant and I LOVE it!

    My most recent frustration is a buyer that went through several offer/counter offers on a Best offer item. I accepted her last offer and then POOF! She's gone!

    Unpaid item asst sends a reminder after two days and automatically opens a dispute on the 4th day unless you manually turn it off. It's been great
  7. I just noticed that one of my nonpaying buyers just bid on $4.00 makeup and it ended 5 minutes ago. This makes me so mad. She is online right now buying cheap stuff, but will not respond to my messages or pay. I just tried calling her phone number on her invoice and it is not her phone number. She lied. This phone number belongs to a nice elderly couple that do not have a ebay account. I will be reporting her to trust and safety for lying about her phone number.
  8. I've got a buyer that has purchased probably half a dozen items from me now. She bids, waits till I send two reminders, the latter of which always says, "Just a polite reminder that your payment is now past due. Please let me know if you no longer wish to purchase the item." Then she pays, and never leaves feedback. She leaves pos. feedback for everyone else she buys from though... but keeps buying from me. It makes me nervous, because I feel like if she's not happy, why does she keep buying? And if she is happy, why doesn't she leave feedback? She's always got about 3 or 4 transactions at a time on which she COULD leave feedback, which makes me feel like if I do one thing wrong, she'll neg on all of them and give me a bad score. But she's never done anything like that to me... I'm just paranoid, I guess.


    I have 2 payments currently outstanding, and am wondering if either will get paid for. They're from other buyers though.