None like any I've ever bought before

  1. I just spent the day in Toronto with PFer sma11cat, and it was a lot of fun :biggrin:! We parked on Bloor Street, naturally, and started out in Gucci and slowly made our way towards Holt Renfrew. Obviously we stopped at Louis Vuitton, and looked at the new Groom items, which were very cute, the Mini Lin items, which weren't all that impressive, and the Monogram Leopard bags, which in all honesty repulsed me.

    I fell in love with a black winter jacket -- the same one star3777 has -- but when I saw the $3800CAD :wtf: price tag I definitely thought twice about it, and since I may be going to Manhattan in October or November to meet my dad there, I'll try and wheedle him into buying it for me :graucho:.

    I also asked about the new Inclusion colors, and the SAs there said that they didn't physically have them in the store yet, but they had a waitlist going. I was pretty bummed because I'd been hoping to see the new colors in real life before coming back to New York to buy them :girlsigh:.

    Then I asked about an item that I'd seen on and fallen in love with on this forum. I'd also planned to buy it from the 866 because eLuxury doesn't have it in the color I want, but when I saw it the store today (and did the conversions :P), I decided to buy it right then and there:wlae:. It's nothing like anything I've ever bought from Louis Vuitton before, and I absolutely love it!

    So here's my one and only purchase from Toronto today...


    You didn't really think I'd make it that easy, did you :devil:?
  2. it's always fun shopping with you sandra! good buy! :lol:
  3. OOOHHH!! OOOHHH!!! Tell us! Tell us!!:yes:
  4. Sandra.........teaseeeeeeee....hmmmmmm some sort of belt???
  5. sandra! you are making me so antsy!
  6. Oh, and P/S: even if you guess it right, you won't know until I post the final picture :graucho:.
  7. I bet it's a shawl!!!:nuts:
  8. Oh come on! I've got to know before I got to bed!

  9. LOL you better stick around then...if she's nice enough, she will reveal it tonight ;) lol:lol:
  10. I think Irene is right, should we bribe small11cat ?
  11. sandra always does this to us.....we are still waiting to see her discontinued pictures....hehehehehe
  12. Sounds like you got the BLACK Monogram Shawl!! YAYYYY!!!:yahoo: :party:

    Can we see pics, please??

    Modeling pics, please????:yes:
  13. is it the steven sprouse graffiti scarf?. I saw it today in the LV flagship store its BEAUTIFUL!, If I had a job I would purchase it =D
  14. Oh come on Sandra! Why are you doing this to us!????? Well one thing I know for sure is I bet it is really beautiful!
  15. i'm going to keep posting teaser pictures anyway, until i feel like posting the real thing:roflmfao: