none left!

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  1. DH was gonna get me a coach wristlet for vday. i just went ot our local holt renfrew and there were none! sigh.
  2. awww that sucks.. what wristlet is it? style #?
  3. any of them! theyo nly had the fall patwork one and it snagged. i guess when they lowered to US pricing they all got snatched up.
  4. Oh no! :sad:

    Which one were you looking for?
  5. that's not good.. hopefully they have more stocks coming in..:tup:
  6. i had wanted a black one (maybe bleeker sig) but they only had fall patchwork and it doesnt match my bags plus it was snagged and $100!
  7. so i called coach in TO and a bleeker black sig wristlet is on the way for vday! it will come in its own box and everything- none of my coach ever came in a box!
  8. YAY!! Post pics when you get it!:tup:
  9. yayyy!! that's a perfect valentine's day present :heart: can't wait til you get it, how sweet! :smile:
  10. Thats great! ...I cant wait to see pics :smile: