None Designer...

  1. Is there anyone here that isnt addicted to designer handbags, but does have a handbag fetish?

    Since this is purse forum, I just wonder how many here if any, love bags but cant bring themselves to spending designer $$ for a bag.
  2. I guess i'll start,

    Simply put YES, i have a handbag fetish. I'm always looking for a new bag even if its not designer.
    I just love having a choice and like the idea that I can have several different styles/colors and dont have to spend 500+ for a bag.

    Until I got into my Lv fetish i had about 20-30 bags. As i got into LV i started tossing bags I didnt use often. Now that i'm down to LV and only 2 other bags that arent designer i'm missing the ability to change more often.

    In the last week i've bought 2 other none designer bags just for change...
  3. Am new to this handbag fetish thing :smile: Only became interested in bags over a year ago and will not spend more than $50 on a bag. Therefore I am strictly a bag browser, Bag Fetish.
  4. How many bags do you have?
  5. I don't have many handbags and only a couple are designer, but I do love to look at all handbags and shoes regardless of brand/name attached to it.
  6. I have almost 300 bags and only about half of them are expensive designer bags- I have lots of low-end designers (Kathy Van Zeeland, whichever designer is currently at Target, Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, etc etc) so I'd most definitely say I have a handbag FETISH !!!!! I but designer bags because I love them- but I also buy cheaper bags for times when I wouldnt wanna carry my expensive bags. I have a bit of everything !!
  7. Wow that is a lot of bags. Like you i like to have variety :smile: more so for summer then anything.
  8. I have about 20 bags......all what you might call mid-range designers......Michael by Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole New York, Cynthia Rowley, Francesco Biasia, Cole Haan, Dooney is even in the mix.
  9. before i bought designers handbag, i'm already a handbag fetish!
    i searched high and low for great vintage bags. mostly they only costs me less than 20$... and they're gorgeous because old bags made with the finest leathers adn i love love love the glamorous mesh clutches adn sling bags from those years...
    i have like 30-40 vintage bags, from stuffed animal bags, to elegant mesh clutches and leather bags & clutches
  10. I have always had a thing for bags. When I was in school, I was only able to buy sale bags from TJ Maxx, like Nine West or Tommy, but I still had A LOT!

    When I started working, I either donated those or gave them away, partially because they are not high-end designer, but also because their styles are not as suitable for my age anymore.

    However, I just bought these this week:

    I was very proud of myself :p The little black one is real leather and even comes with a dust bag!
  11. I love vintage bags too- you can get some GREAT old leathers !! and they're usually one of a kind by now too, which I like.
  12. Very cute :smile:

  13. Count me in this category. I've been having lots of fun learning about bags on this board.

    The most expensive purse I ever bought was for $240 approximately. I learned about the brand here: It is an Ani large Cameron in dark brown (on sale and discounted because of a few scratches) from the wonderful J.C. Madison. (I had bought an Ani large Nadia in tan for $340 from the equally wonderful LunaBoston, but it was just way too big and horsey on me.)

    Now I covet many Tanos, the Sasha Duffle, and the Belen Enchandia Take Me Anywhere, but I can't afford the latter two at the moment. Oh, and then there are the Gryson's.........