None available....

  1. OK, I tried all the Bloomies for the cabas and the ultimate soft to get with my new charge discount. No cabas available. One store has the large ultimate soft, which is the one without the diamond quilt. The price would be $1612 with no tax. Does anyone have that bag? If so, how does it wear?

    I want to get a bag for the 10% off, but at these prices, I want to be sure. Thanks everyone.:smile:
  2. IMHO, i think you shouldn't force yourself. would you like to try the GST or the classics? like the caviar jumbo flap?

    (i think this post shld be in the same thread you started? lol cause it's kinda the same topic?)

    anyway, please don't force yourself on the ultimate soft! it's not practical to use everyday. i have that and i barely used it. you can give yourself more choices like the classics - GST/jumbo flap or modern chain large totes. they actually are more hardy to use everyday and easier to maintain than lambskin. giving yourself more options makes decision making alot easier!

  3. Thanks so much for the imput. I think that I'll look at the modern chain. Do you have the refernce page on that?
  4. ^ hmm i'm not too sure. try the chanel reference library?

  5. I would agree. The ultimate soft is not a everyday bag, it's too delicate. How about a jumbo flap...or the medalian tote?
  6. IMHO, it sounds like you're trying to force yourself to get one of these bags b/c of the discount. For that reason, I would advise that you wait until you find one that you HAVE to have. These bags are too expensive to be iffy in my opinion.

    That said, I love the Ultimate Soft and I hope for it to become one of my bags in the near future. However, I do have other bags that are more practical/durable as well so that part isn't an issue.

    Good luck. I hope you find one that really sticks out that you can't bare to be without. :smile:
  7. I thought the Ultimate Soft has a treated lambskin so it's not as delicate as regular lambskin? Or is it just that it's going to be harder to maintain than anything in caviar?
  8. ^ the ultimate soft is alot softer than the usual lambskin classic. it's reallly really delicate.
  9. ^^ I disagree. It is incredibly soft, but I use my black one an awful lot and it really isn't scarily delicate. I think whatever they do to coat the leather works a treat and it truly is more resilient than people seem to think. It is such a shame it has this reputation as being a fragile bag because it is a great design and lovely to hold. Having said all that though, it does sound like the OP needs convincing about the options and in my experience that often means regret will follow the purchase . . .any doubts at all are now a big warning bell in my head!