Non-zip bags

  1. I'm really paranoind about bags w/o zips and I usually avoid them, but there are so many lovely bags out there w/o zips that I feel like I'm excluding a whole range of bags because they don't have a zip. The bag might be open top or have a magnetic closure, in either case I feel like this type of bag is a target for thieves.

    So do you have a preference, are you as paranoid as me about non-zip bags or don't you care?
  2. Actually I prefer non-zip bags as i'm paranoid about zips going wrong! I have some bags with magnetic fastening and a mulberry with a turn lock closure which is secure. i wouldn't opt for a bag that has a gaping opening or completely open top though as that's just too much temptation for the thieves!
  3. I am usually a zip-a-holic, but I just got myself a Prada hobo that has a messenger-style flap. The inside has a strong magnetic closure, then the flap goes over and secures with a push-lock clasp. My stuff isn't going anywhere.
  4. I usually am not drawn to tote bags. I like the security of zippers or flaps.
  5. I actually never really thought about it. I have bags of both types and I never think about how it closes as much as how it looks or the quality of the leather. That's a good question. Now I'm wondering why I never thought about how they close!:wondering
  6. Im with Flyvetjo...

    Every bag I own doesnt have zip closing, because once the zip is broken, the bag is ruined.
    All my bags have magentic button closures. :yes:
  7. Wow- I am completely the opposite:nogood: I have bags with zipper closure, but rarely use the zipper! I have a toddler and like one hand access- not fumbling to zip & unzip, etc. I never feel that my bags are hanging open really, they always kind of naturally come together, make sense? I DO always push my wallet to the bottom and I've never had a problem (knock on wood :smile:
  8. I have bags all ways: zip top, magnet closure, flap, completely open and even a combination of openings on a single bag. I find zippers the most annoying of all because I'm in and out of the bag a thousand times even when driving, so it's unzip, zip, unzip, zip verses, just reach in and grab (oh yeah, I guess that's what a thief does....:wtf:)!!:boxing:
  9. i have friend who feels just like you and in a way I feel they are paranpoid :p

    I keep thinking if you have some sort of closure then u should be ok. What I do with bags that open is that i keep all my belongings in a cloth sac that can be tightened at the top then my stuff won't fall out!
  10. I prefer some kind of closure. Zippers are good, I like flapovers too. I had a few bags with no closure or just the magnetic one, and I can't count how many times I had to dig stuff out from the side of the passenger seat because bag contents flew out when I cornered (ok, I can also drive a little slower).
  11. The reason why I ask is because I've found a bag I love, but can't get over the fact it only has a button to fasten the top (could be magnetic). It's Lena by Kooba in black.

    I don't want to let the bag go but keep feeling I know I will feel insecure w/o a zip. I don't know what to do. Here's the link:

    I've almost been pick-pocketed twice and I once saw a woman's purse get snatched, and another time I stopped a pick-pocket from pick-pocketing a tourist on the London underground!

    Anyway, may be I'll just continue to look for my perfect handbag with a zip.
  12. All but two of my bags have a zipper closure. I rarely close the zipper of my bags, unless I am in an unsafe area or there are lots of people around me.

    My Chloe Gladys doesn't even have a magnetic closure, but it's a tote bag so it's not easy for thieves to reach into. My Miu Miu satchel has a magnetic closure, so the opening stays pretty tight.
  13. My thoughts are this, no zipper, buckle or snap is going to deter a good thief. If he wants your wallet he will get it if the right opportunity should arise.

    With that said, when I am traveling abroad or in highly touristed area, I literally hold onto my zipper pull on my bag or hold the top closed with my hand. Sometimes I don't even carry a bag in such places, putting the money in my bra or money belt or wear a small purse-on-a-string UNDER my blazer.

    I have bags with closures of all kinds, often times my zippered tops are left open for easy access when I am just going about my home town.
  14. My Gucci Pelham is wide open and I love it!! The only time I care about a zipper is when I'm travelling, then it is a must for me. I find that LV makes the most reliable zippers.
  15. i'm usually paranoid too with non zip bags... but lately i purchased 3 chanel cabas, all are non zip bags but they have the snap on button which calmed me :p