Non-woven Veneta?

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  1. Hello, this might be an odd question, but I'm a BV newbie so please bear with me... I was wondering if the Veneta also comes in regular leather (non-Intrecciato style), since I think I saw it once in an Ebay listing.
    (It was not the Cervo Hobo, it looked like a Veneta to me)

    Hope this wasn't already asked, I didn't find anything using the Search bar.
    Thanks for your help,
  2. firstly, welcome to bv.
    i have only seen non woven veneta's in exotic skins-
    i'm sure others more knowledgeable will chime in.
    hth and welcome.
  3. Hi there, Danzare, welcome!:flowers:

    I too have only seen exotic for non-woven veneta. They have a non-woven campana (also hobo style but has open top and two handles) and another bit more structured bag but shaped a bit like veneta with open top and one handle (I don't know the name), though.

    Did you save the pic from the auction?
  4. I have the stamped studded veneta. It's non woven. It has geometric raised areas in the leather. It came in maxi, large and medium.
  5. hello welcome to bv such a wise decision

    they made a catalano campana that was nowoven maybe it was that

  6. Thank you for all the kind answers and warm welcome :smile:

    Unfortunately Mid- I didn't save the pic since I happened to be on a shared computer; it would have been easier if I had it.

    Perhaps it was a catalano Campana like septembersiren suggested...seemed like nappa to me, so no fancy leathers.

    I'm definitely a fan of the trademark Intrecciato but I don't know how easy it would be to take care of..I'm just in love with the shape of the Veneta though. Such a classic, versatile style; the perfect hobo.
  7. Ok, maybe I got it. What I saw must have been something similar to this:

    [​IMG] not exactly woven but not plain leather either. I have no idea, though, whether this was part of a capsule collection or is still in production.
    PS.septembersiren , I saw the Catalano Campana you mentioned in the Style Reference section, and I find it stunning! Do you know when it was issued?
  8. BV has made non-woven venetas in the past. I have a cervo one - here's a link to it in the reference library:

    I also have a quilted veneta:

    But, I haven't seen them make a non-woven veneta in the past couple of years. I think the one that you posted is several years old.
  9. I want to say fw08 but I am not sure
    they have done the veneta in lots of ways
    they did it with zippers I think that was ss07
    partially woven like the one you have a picture of
    the tournaboni
    the pleated
    they are always pushing the envelope and reinventing
    the latest reinvention that I just love is the iron bag
    they made it bigger and it can go on your shoulder now
    and they did it in orchid yolk and nero
    the handle attaches with a calyso clip so you can double it and then it really resembles the iron bag but bigger
    another reinvention is the baby bag this year
    it is not a frame bag now but has chain shoulder strap and it actually has a closure. I think Is aw Bichon Lover do a reveal on this bag. It is really beatuiful
    Mr Maier is all about invention functionality and elegance

  10. #10 Feb 4, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2010
    Kiss_P: your Cervo Veneta is simply stunning, I love the simplicity and colours. I agree that the one I posted above must be old, since the pics come from an Ebay auction and the bag is pre-owned.
    Well, let's just hope BV eventually decides to re-issue non-woven Venetas. Thanks for your help, and congrats on your bags, they're beautiful.

    septembersiren: wow, seems I have a lot to catch up on...gonna go delve into the reference threads and the reveals to see all the awesome ideas Mr. Maier came up with ;)
    Gotta amit though that I'm all for simplicity and minimal lines, I think the simplest, cleanest designs are the ones that let exquisite materials and superb craftmanship shine best...
  11. This one was called veneta ombra and it was from quite some years ago.. Bv does not carry this maerial/ombra finish anymore :smile:
  12. Thanks for the info Pascal! I can only hope they decide to reissue it in the future :smile: