Non-waterproof mascara and smudges

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  1. I must have oily eyelids or something because mascara always leaves a darker area on my lower eyelids after a few hours. I have to wear waterproof to keep it on my lashes longer but I hate how it makes them feel kinda crunchy, instead of full and soft.

    Does anyone have the same problem or can recommend a really good non-waterproof mascara that doesn't smudge at all?
  2. I think Covergirl Remarkable is a good mascara. It is 'waterproof' but is washable, meaning you don't need industrial-strength remover to take it off at the end of the day, your regular cleanser can do it. I am quite the 'gym rat' and exercise with this stuff on, and it has not given me raccoon eyes. BTW, this stuff doesn't dry out my lashes. It actually feels like regular mascara on without the crunchiness and harshness that waterproof can feel like. HTH, and good luck with your search!
  3. I have oily lids and I'm very happy with Shiseido's waterproof mascara. It never runs. =)
  4. *Bump*

    Thanks for the suggestion Peaches, anyone else have suggestions? I will check out the Shiseido one too but I'm looking for a regular mascara at the moment. :smile:
  5. Raspberry, no joke, the ONLY mascara I have ever tried that didn't smudge on me and give me panda eyes is Kiss Me Blinc Mascara. They actually form tubes around your lashes (you remove them by pulling them off, sounds scarier than it is and they feel rubbery, like latex). While Kiss Me doesn't volumize or lengthen as dramatic as say, Dior Show Ultimate, it does a good job and mosty importantly, STAYS PUT. Well worth the $20-something. I highly recommend this to anyone who has trouble even with waterproof mascaras.
  6. ^ ive heard sooo mucha bout this mascars.. what brand is it.. how can i get some?
  7. I absolutely, positively agree!!!!!!:yes: I have used it for years. Blinc also makes a clear lash base coat (sorry, I can't remember the name off the top of my head) that you use before putting on the mascara. I've found this gives me plumper, longer lashes and it works the same way as the mascara....its made of little tubes.

    You can find it at Sephora and several cosmetic shops on the internet.
  8. Yes I third that. Kiss me mascara is awesome. Does the clear mascara come from the kiss me line as well? I have to check that out then.
  9. great tip - thanks

  10. Yes, it's from the same line of products. I couldn't remember the name of it yesterday, but it's called Lash Primer. I use it everyday and think it's a great compliment to their mascara.
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