Non-traditional Child Care/ Part-time nanny

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  1. I've been asked to do a very non-traditional childcare job.

    The mother (single) has a 4 and 8 year old. She has to leave her home by 3:30 am two days a week in order to commute to work. She needs someone to care for her kids and see that they get to school/pre-school safely and on time. (between 7:30 and 8)

    I'm excited about the possibility of doing this. I'm a student (with another part-time job) so it works well into my schedule. Also, I would say I kind of have 'mommy fever' but know it is not good timing to have children of my own yet.

    My concern is how much to charge. I know some of you probably live in large cities where child care costs are extreme, but in the small semi-rural area I now live in, I don't think I could charge a whole lot.

    My first thought would be $10/hour. If I could get that much, I would be very happy. It would be an additional $100 a week on top of my other part-time job. I mentioned that to someone else, and while she is quite critical and pessimistic, she felt that would be asking for too much.

    Can anyone chime in an offer advice? I don't want to bid this job too high that I don't get it...but I don't want to bid too low and not feel like it's worth the time I spend on it.
  2. I used to charge $10/hour while I babysat a few years ago. Would you be going to her home at 3.30 am or will you be sleeping there?
  3. I did similar jobs when I was in college. I picked up 3 children, from 3 different schools, and took them home and stayed there for 1-2hrs and I charged $8 an hour. The mother was a single mom, in school, and just received child support as income so I knew she couldn't afford much.

    Other then that, I always asked for $10/hr. If you know the mother makes a decent income, then I would definitely ask for $10/hr. That is not a very convenient job for many people, so she is lucky there is someone available at those hours therefore I think that is a fair rate of pay.
  4. I'm not sure yet what all of the terms of the jobs would be. She emailed me her phone number and asked that I call her after 5 today (when she gets off work).
  5. Whats the stardard rate in your area? I actually think $10/hr is very reasonable considering the time.
  6. I'm not sure what the standard is. I don't have kids and I haven't done anything like this in years.
  7. $10/hr is about standard here, even just for high school students babysitting for an evening. I would imagine that childcare with greater responsibility would be even more, but $10/hr sounds quite reasonable to me. Oh, and I live in a small, rural community in where cost of living is much lower than on the coasts.
  8. For an adult sitter I feel it's low paying, especially for a 3am start time. I got $22 an hour when I babysat in my late 20s. But I am in metro NY and maybe it's different in rural towns.
  9. $10 per hour doesn't seem like enough. Generally speaking, many jobs offer higher wages for super-early morning shifts.
    I pay my college-age babysitters $12 per hour plus tip (and that's for about an hours worth of actual childcare and then watching tv after the kids go to bed). It sounds like you would be required to do the "morning routine", which can be a pretty hectic time for many moms. Just food for thought.
  10. I think the thing your friend who thought it was too much was not factoring in that this is the wee small hours of the morning, and the mom is going to be hard pressed to find anyone who will agree to those hours for under $10/hour. If you think $10/hour is enough for you, then I think that's what you should ask for. I agree with vhdos that more seems reasonable. You could always negotiate down.

    In my area (one of those crazy expensive areas -- people move here from Manhattan and discover that childcare was cheaper there), for those hours, you'd be looking at at least $20/hour, probably more like $25.
  11. Yes, the hours and the duties and the number of kids all make this a really hard job. Way more than $10/hour. Maybe $15 if your area isn't a high-charging one?
    Do you know how much this mom makes at her job?
  12. Well, thanks everyone who offered advice, but apparently this mother was just looking for a freebie. She only wanted to pay $10 per DAY! I was very polite and told her I wasn't really informed on child care costs, but I would really need more than that to do this at those hours. She asked how much...I said, probably around $30 a day. The phone conveniently disconnected. (Not accusing her of hanging up on me, but it seems like that might have been the case.) I tried calling her back twice just to make sure it wasn't a phone glitch. I got the obvious "ignore" both times. She could have at least politely declined if that was out of her budget. :sad: Oh well, guess I'm back to looking...
  13. Wow, sorry to hear that. That was ridiculous.

    I suggest you research how much nannys make in your area. I live in the NYC suburbs and ten dollars an hour for two kids is unheard of. 20-25 is the standard.
  14. Yikes! Well goodluck to her finding someone to do it for $10 a day! That wouldn't be worth anybodies time, gas alone would be half that if you were driving them to school.
  15. Yikes!! What a rude lady :wtf: